DIY eye make up remover

By Mistirose (Mistirose) on November 4, 2011

I just made my own eye make up remover in less than 5 min. Only costs pennies to make and its all natural and all the oils are good for your skin.

1 Tablespoon each of Olive oil, Canola oil and Castor oil (can be found in the pharmacy section of most grocery stores. I got mine at Walmart) Put it in a small container. I used a single use glass jelly jar I had around.

Just use tissue or a cotton pad and wipe off your mascara. Works great! won’t sting your eyes or your pocketbook.


The Babe

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Sounds so easy! nap Nov 19, 2011 5:15 PM 26

The Domestic Babe

My friends call me domestic, a nice home maker etc…so I thought why not create a place where I can share all I have learned in my many hobbies and experiences.

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