DIY Super Easy Melt and Pour Soap

By Mistirose (Mistirose) on April 13, 2012

This is great soap and easy to make. You can make it for pennies on the dollar if you order supplies in quantity. It makes great gifts too! Please note; this will leave more soap scum in your bath and shower if you have hard water.


4 oz Melt and Pour Clear soap

1 Drop liquid skin safe colorant (I used Green)

¾ tsp scent of choice (I used Eucalyptus)

A spray bottle with rubbing alcohol in it

A 4 oz soap mold or other flexible container like a yogurt tub

Gather your supplies

Lay your mold on a flat protected surface.

Cut your melt and pour soap into chunks and place them in a heat safe container.

Place it in the microwave and cover with plastic wrap to retain moisture. Melt on 30 second burst until almost all the soap is melted. Stir to finish melting the left over chunks of soap. You don’t want your soap to get too hot or it will burn and smell bad.

Add the drop of color; you can add more if you want it darker but I was going for a translucent glass look on this one. Add your scent, stir well.

Pour into the mold. You will see bubbles like in the picture below. Quickly spray with rubbing alcohol to break them up. See the difference?


Let this set up for at least an hour. They release better if they are allowed to set up over night. Unlike Cold Process soaps these are ready for use immediately. There you go, a beautiful bar of soap for yourself or a wonderful gift!

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My friends call me domestic, a nice home maker etc…so I thought why not create a place where I can share all I have learned in my many hobbies and experiences.

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