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Jul 20, 2010 7:48 PM CST
Name: cerridwenn
Four Corners Area, NM
i guess my feelings on ghosts are irrelevant of religion, because they were the same when i was christian as they are now. although granted, the approach to christianity that i was raised is much more pagan anyway so maybe that isn't as strange as it sounds at first...

basically, i think ghosts are dead people or animals, and other kinds of spirits are (for lack of a better word) creatures or beings who may be friendly, indifferent or hostile to humans depending on what their agenda is. i grew up in an area where most people at least nominally accepted the possibility of ghosts, even if they claimed to never have had any experiences or chose to ignore their experiences because of fear. so i always believed in them and was always fascinated by them. i don't believe the modern new age approach that all beings are essentially good, i think that a ghost is exactly like the person or animal it was in life. some are mean and some are impatient and some just love you and some are confused. maybe some are all of the above. don't know what to make of the ones that are "stuck" (ie residual energy) because they don't seem to have the capacity for reason or observation. i have had personal experiences with ghosts that i feel confirm these beliefs, where i work in particular is a place that seems to attract some and has other permanent residents. i have had a very few personal experiences with the other kinds of spirit beings, mainly in ritual settings, so i feel they are confirmed too.

in learning about other cultures i came to view "otherworld beings" (faeries, elementals, even deities) as some kind of entity that is non-physical in our world, that chooses to interact with us for some reason. so they are different from ghosts, but hard to classify for most of us because we don't know much about them. so what we call demons i think are just beings that don't like what humans are doing or think we are in their way and want to affect us negatively because of it. not nice really but not evil. like how a predator wants to eat - it's not evil because it attacks you or your livestock, but it certainly isn't to your benefit and you can't reason with it because it honestly doesn't care what you think.

tell me what you think - ask questions - i love to talk about this stuff and usually get too into it and people get annoyed or bored. have been listening to paranormal research podcasts at work on days when i'm in the office, and listened to an interesting one that was an interview with a medium talking about ghosts. felt i was being watched, looked over to the doorway of my room, and had a flash of like 3 little kids sort of peering at me over each others shoulders with eyes big as saucers trying to listen to what she was saying without being noticed, then when i turned their way i had the impression of them running away giggling. i don't actually see them by the way - occasionally shadows but usually it's more like a flash of imagination but it feels real and not imaginary. the more i trust that i really did see or hear something, the more details i can remember from it. trusting those flashes instead of finding a "reasonable excuse" to explain them is something i've been working on a lot the past few years and i think i'm getting better at "noticing" those events.

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