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Jul 21, 2010 5:45 AM CST
Name: Val
Thanks for answering, Cerridwenn and LaVonne. Yes, I have many questions. These are old questions that I've never really resolved about the subject. I've never had any experiences with ghosts so this is just one of those nagging subjects that I haven't sorted out.

I feel like the subject is a piece of a puzzle that I haven't figured out how it fits in. It has the colors and shapes to fit in in the area of the puzzle dealing with death and realms of the Otherworld. But I don't know how it fits in. How does it relate with my beliefs concerning my practices at Samhain or my beliefs in reincarnation? I don't know.

These are the ways that I'm relating it to my religious beliefs. Not that I worship ghosts but rather, how does the concept fit in with my existing religious beliefs in these areas.

From listening to others on the subject of ghosts, I mostly believe that they exist. There does seem to be a major difference between conscious ones and ones that are more rote. You described it well, Cerridwenn. Are these two types of phenomena different enough that they have different terms to describe them? They seem different enough that perhaps they are two different pieces to my puzzle. How do they each mesh with concepts of the afterlife, the Otherworld realms (or whatever one believes in), or the concept of reincarnation? I really don't know. When I set a feast (like at Samhain) or give offering to my ancestors, are they considered as ghosts that I can't see (but can feel their presence)? I don't know. Concerning the more rote ghosts (those that seem stuck in a particular time and place doing the same thing over and over) are they actual beings or is it some sort of imprint in time that occasionally can be seen through the veil between realms? There's a can of worms. That leads me to wonder if all actions are imprinted on time in another realm. And for what purpose?

How do you fit this piece of the puzzle in your beliefs?

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