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Jul 21, 2010 1:53 PM CST
Name: Neal Linville
Winchester, KY
Interesting topic, Val! I've had a few experiences with something ghost-like at least, for lack of a better term. Not something I saw, but there was a peculiar energy or presence in a house I once lived in. Several of my friends had strange or even creepy "vibes" while in the house, and one even saw an image that horrified him. The part that I didn't like was that I couldn't keep the curtains closed or the door locked- I'd be alone, close the curtains and lock the door, and an hour later find the curtains open and the door unlocked. My roomate and I both attributed it to the other for some time, till we both started realizing it happened when the other wasn't there.

Several years later I became friends with a woman who I some years later found out had lived in the same house after I did. She was telling me her ghost experiences, that sounded so much like mine, when I asked where it was and we realized we'd lived in the same house!

I've never been able to really come to a decision as to what was happening or what a ghost could really be, but it seems logical that the non physical part of who we are probably has free will. I guess that would include freedom to hang around on the earth plane, although I can't imagine wanting to, LOL. I can see that some are more attached to the physical realm than others, and emotional attachments to loved ones makes sense to me too.

Oh, I just remembered another thing that happened there. This was in the late 80s, and a friend has dubbing a music tape I had on a dual casette player. It dubbed internally, so outside noise didn't interfere. He recorded the same song over and over on one side of his casette. When we played his recording to check the quality, the first 2 times the song played it sounded normal, but from the 3rd on there was a background noice, that sounded oddly like a woman crying or wailing. Now that was pretty creepy!

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