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Jul 22, 2010 6:35 AM CST
Name: Val
Hi, Neal.
I've had experiences with things like doors being unlocked. A bathtub full of water when no one ran it (and no drips). *Knowing* where I put things and having them vanish.

Most times I attribute it to "house spirits" or "fey" but sometimes I joke about it being a ghost. It could have been a ghost. Since I've never seen a house spirit, fey or ghost, I'm not sure that I could tell the difference by just their actions. Maybe I'm more likely to attribute it to a ghost if the actions seem more human---like hearing footsteps walking across the floor. That's something that I heard often in the first two years that we lived here. How would you distinguish between house spirits, fey (if you believe in such things) and ghosts without seeing them?

Now that I think about it, I suppose that I had a ghost at one time. At one time I had a third-floor apartment that I rented for seven years. Occasionally, I would see the face of a little girl in the window. At first, it was startling but I got used to it. She wasn't scary. It was just startling to see a face at a third-story window (no balcony). Sometimes guests (people who didn't believe in such things) saw it too. After I moved, the next person who rented that apartment told me about having the same experiences (I didn't tell her about my experiences). She described the same little girl.

I tend to forget about the little girl because she wasn't scary and didn't bother me. She seldom ever came in the apartment that I know of.

But I did have something valuable that came up missing from that apartment that I never could explain. I had looked for years for a particular crystal (I collect rocks). This was a large, rare crystal in that although it had plenty of six-sided crystals that went into the crystal, it also had one six-sided crystal that had formed in the center that did not touch any of the sides and was easy to see. Some call it a manifestation crystal. I had it out one night talking it about it to a guy I was dating. I remembered *exactly* where I left it when I went to bed. I went to bed after my then-boyfriend and woke up before him. My first thoughts when I woke were to put the crystal away because I normally didn't leave it out. But it was gone. I am absolutely positive that my then-boyfriend did not take it. I was with him for two years and he was one of the most honest people I've met. Plus he didn't have any interest or knowledge of those things. I tore that apartment up looking for my rock. I tore apart recliners and furniture , went through every bit of trash, and looked through every single item in the house in every room and closet. After searching to buy a nice crystal like that for so long, you can imagine how thorough I was---multiple searches. Everywhere. It simply wasn't there. No one broke in that night and we didn't have company. I didn't drink alcohol. There was no practical explanation for the disappearance of that rock.

I finally came to terms with it and figured that a house spirit had taken it. But I guess it could have been the little girl. Ha. It would be nice if she would give it back to me. I'm still half-expecting it to turn up someday even though this happened 15 years ago and I've moved a few times. I've had small rocks disappear before but never anything that I valued so much.

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