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Jul 22, 2010 7:22 PM CST
Name: cerridwenn
Four Corners Area, NM
i think the explanation of how to determine which kind of spirit is which has to do with an individual's abilities. if a person is gifted with seeing, whether it appears physical or in the mind's eye, the different kinds will look different. if a person is gifted with intuitive feelings, a ghost will have a different feel from a different spiritual entity. it's the same exact concept as understanding that some people are good at tarot, others are good at runes, others don't use a tool but pick up empathic feelings, all to address the same question. at least, this is how i make sense of it - not saying i'm right or that it's the only way to look at it, but that's how it makes sense to me.

the difficult part is for those of us who either were not taught how to use our gifts from an early age and are trying to rejuvenate them after some period of time, or those of us who don't have a really strong gift of that type and have to work really hard to feel any impressions at all. i have never had very strong gifts in that type but once i started trusting my intuition i'm starting to be able to feel presences, see shadows, and very occasionally hear a voice or sound. to me, a main difference between a ghost and a different kind of spirit is what they want or need. for example, a ghost may want to communicate with you for some reason - some apparently just want to be noticed and that's good enough for them, others might need help, whatever. does a faery or angel or elemental need something from you? most likely not. in some cases, they may emphatically NOT want to be noticed or communicated with. so that's what i mean when i say their agenda may be different from yours. but if you ask a being to be present, for example in a ritual or to be honored in some way, and it is pleased, it may try to show itself to you, and if you have abilities you in turn see or feel it. that is something i have experienced in rituals and sometimes at ancient sites or in nature. i don't get the feeling at all though, just the vision. so the information that you get is different. with a spirit being, it's more of a confirmation of your beliefs unless they want to tell you something.

the feeling is the sort of "butterflies in your stomach" or "someone is staring at me". that's what i feel when there is a ghost present. it's very easy to ignore or explain by something "sensible" which is why i believe most people learn to ignore it, either on purpose or not. i often have that feeling whether or not i can see or hear anything, and i don't get information from it, so the feeling itself isn't all that useful except that you can learn to take note of it and trust that it is real. if i see a spirit being, i don't have that being watched feeling. i don't know what criteria other people use to know if "something" is there. some people i have talked to said something similar to what i notice, but i have a good friend who sees ghosts all the time and can talk with them etc... she just knows, no special feeling. so it's not universal.

by the way, i didn't mean that believing in or interacting with spirits and ghosts is not a part of my beliefs, because it is a very important part, simply that i don't find it related to a particular religion versus another religion. in the dumb supper that you mentioned, or other work to honor the ancestors which has become very important to me, i do feel that they are present and that the activity helps me to understand them and be closer to them. i have not ever been able to have a conversation or even see them, but i see that as MY mental block, not their inability or disinterest in being there. i wish that one of us were stronger and able to do something more obvious in the way of communication, but that is why i am working on becoming more observant and trusting my intuition.

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