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Jul 27, 2010 7:21 PM CST
Name: The Son of Wood elf
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An interesting question; Perhaps you should have first asked how many now what path they are following and the tenets of the path. But to answer your question.

In my path:
1) I hold to the belief that the universe (Multiverse ) is itself a living and self aware being.
2) That the Multiverse has a multidimensional multi-plainer make up.
3) The Gods all the Gods are real and exist in a higher plan of our Multiverse.
4) All things have life from a stone at a rivers edge, to the great oak.
5) Each life we live is out lined by our true self (that part of us that lives forever).
6) The fey are real and are the children of the earth.
7) Like the universe the earth is a live and self-aware.
8) Elders are ancestors that have reach a goal of true enlightenment and have risen to a higher plain of understanding and power.\
9) All life is a part of the universe, and has a desire to join completely with the Multiverse.
10) Through living and observing life understanding is gained.
11) All souls long for knowledge and seek to be able to join again with that which made him/her, that which substance we are made of.
12) Each soul out lines the life it will lead and lessons it hope to learn before it is born again. In this way our life is predestined by our selves.

An even dozen things about my path.

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