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Aug 1, 2010 4:39 PM CST
Name: Neal Linville
Winchester, KY
Hmmm...this is kinda thought provoking for me, as I look back over the years its been such an evolution- thinking back on "old me", I don't even feel like the same person in many regards. So I'm contemplating aspects of my spiritual practice that are more basic and have lead to and supported that aspect of change, progression, evolution, manifestation- kinda natural chaos, if that makes sense.

1. I call upon many deities toward various pursuits, but have never worked extensively with any one or few. I see each as manifestations of Divine Source through human imagination and co creative power. As funny as it may sound, that's something I love about polytheism- there's a God or Goddess out there for any situation!

2. I tend to embrace the idea of reincarnation too. I'm enough of a skeptic that I never commit whole heartedly to particular ideas, but personal experiences through meditation, dreams, tarot, channeled readings, and gut feelings, have lead the concept of reincarnation to ring true with me.

3. When I'm saturated in a natural setting, or tending the earth (my crazy, extensive garden), is when I feel most connected with the Divine, when the concept of "the oneness of the Universe" becomes crystal clear.

4. I see God/Goddess in all things, light and dark. I work hard at leaving all judgments behind by reminding myself of nature- the day a hungry cat catches a mouse- bad day for the mouse, great day for the cat? Not bad or good, just nature, and as a whole, beautiful and part of Divine perfection. I feel the microcosm and macrocosm mirror each other, it helps me to see myself and all humans as integral parts of that system. Every individual experiences from different perspectives, no 2 exactly alike, and I can't say that any are wrong- I feel our perception of our world is a huge part in creating our individual realities, the Divine within us at work.

5. I am strongly drawn to Goddess worship in her many aspects, Maiden, Mother, Crone, the giver of life, with the promise of death- her cycles are nature. Learning to see the Crone as the Grandmother, warm, safe, and familiar, as well as the Hag, was a huge part of my path in dealing with death.

This was a cool idea, Val! I found it the day after you posted, and had to think a little bit about it- I love it when threads do that :-)

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