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Oct 4, 2012 9:36 PM CST
Name: Rhonda Koti
Science Hill, Kentucky
~ Be the Change You Wish to See in
I am not sure if it is the planetary changes, solar flares or even just Mother Goddess working within my life but things from my past--as long as 10 years ago--things I had worked through as best I could, laid to rest and pretty much given up on...they are beginning to return to my present.

Most recently- 10-12 years ago, there was a huge split in my family unit-and some members left-I have not seen nor spoken to them for that length of time- not by my choosing but by their choosing - or their other family members choosing, since 2 of them were children. Before the split I was very close to them.

Just this week, one of the children who is now 17 found me on Facebook and has reached out to me. I honestly didnt think I would ever see the children again since the adults in question had tried to poison them against our side of the family. Very messy.

Before that-- a cousin to my first husband who does shop with me but is always very aloof and just business chat-- now he has come forward talking to me like a friend would and expressing concern for his mother's health. I am assuming he knows I am Pagan but I told him I would light a candle and say a prayer for her- and he just grasped at that with his words " yes please, yes please". This man was crying with concern over his mother- but just a few months ago-- he would never have spoken so freely with me.

It just seems like in the past 3 months, things that were over, or solved, or put away are once again rising to the surface...

When I feel the energy around feels like a lake...and the bottom is rising to the top as the top goes to the bottom-

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions...whatever you can offer, I would be interested in reading and learning!

Rhonda Group hug

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