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Oct 29, 2010 9:50 AM CST
Name: Just call me Lynxx :)
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Make your kids a healthier, less caloric, chicken nugget lunch or dinner. Make them ahead
and fast-freeze for use anytime, without having to make the kitchen mess (and on your hands, lol) it takes to make them the first time.
Wholesome Chicken Nuggets
1 lg package of chicken breasts, skin on and boned but halved
2 cups white flour
1 cup wheat flour
1 tbsp. powdered chicken bouillon
1 package GOYA Salad & Vegetable seasoning
4 eggs, room temperature
salt and pepper to taste

First, prepare the tupperware you'll be using to fast-freeze the finished chicken nuggets in.
Use parchment paper to cut and place a bottom liner in a large, shallow tupperware.
Cut 3 or 4 more to same size and set them aside.
Prepare a surface for skinning and de-boning the chicken breast halves. Cut as much
off the white meat off as you can, keeping the small white pieces. Throw the skins away,
and place the bones and remaining 'scrap' meat into a stockpot and make stock.
Meantime, cut the chicken for this recipe into 2 inch cubes. Place a little at a time into a food processor and chop finely, takes about 2 minutes. Crack an egg and pour into chicken mixture last 20 seconds of chopping to mix well.
Pour all of the chicken mixture into a large bowl and set aside. In another bowl, mix the flour, salt, pepper, chicken bouillon powder and Goya seasoning with the flour, stirring with a large spoon.
Crack the remaining 3 eggs into another bowl and mix together well.
Now get a well dampened kitchen towel and place near your working area. Your'e going to need it to wipe the gooey excess off every now and then. :)
Using your hands, mash together small patties of the wet chicken breast mixture, about 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Dip them in the flour mixture, then into the egg mixture. Re-dip into flour, and place on prepared parchment sheet inside the tupperware, trying not to let them touch. Repeat until the parchement liner is full. then place one of the pre-cut parchment liners on top of the first layer, and repeat until all of the chicken is used. Place in coldest part of freezer right away. Throw out any remaining flour mixture, along with eggs.
Use as needed. If you've made them thin enough, they'll cook up in 350 degree canola oil in about 1 1/2 mins. Do not thaw when ready to cook.
You can also bake them at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes, turning once at half cooking time.

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