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Nov 8, 2010 8:30 PM CST
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My kitten is such a miscreant; she dug up a nest containing two newborn bunnies day before yesterday. She didn't try to hurt them, only curious enough to chase off mother bunnie and carefully remove the babies, mommy would not be returning.
We took the two babies into the house...I don't know how long they'd been exposed, but it was a very chilly, windy day here...we warmed them up in our hands, and Gino found a wire basket and lined it with a soft, clean fuzzy cloth.
We started the oven to 225 degrees, just enough to warm the stovetop. We put the basket on top, checking the temp with our hands. perfect.
I hopped on the internet, and found some expert advice.

one little bunny would not eat yesterday. We were very worried. Today it ate half of it's morning order, tonight we gave it one extra cc (Because did not eat right this morning) and it finally got the idea and ate everything. I will post some pictures tomorrow. they are the cutest things. I really don't feel qualified to care for them, and am scared. we called fish and wildlife, but they have not called us back. I really don't want these little creatures to die in our care. i feel better tonight though, they both ate.
but the link i posted clearly states you are to stroke their little tummies and anus to stimulate peeing. (with warm, clean paper towel) We did this, and it worked yesterday and this morning, but not tonight.
I hope they are alright in morning. we have to get them to pee/poop. It could back up their systems.
just thought i'd share, if anyone has any experience, I'm very open to suggestions :)
PS: We googled (images) newborn bunnies to determine age. Ours are definitely 2-3 days old.

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