Are you up for a Challenge?

One of our Members of Trash to Treasure has asked for a Challenge Forum. I think this is an excellent idea and I know you guys will have plenty to offer in the way of inspiration.

"I need some inspiration, or maybe just motivation, to use up some recyclables. Could you set some challenges, or prompt some "show and tells," things made out of specific materials?! You can start threads for various kinds of material like: metal, wood, glass, rubber, ceramic, concrete, etc., or even more specific like: old computer part, broken dish, lone shoe, pop can, etc. The sky is the limit here folks."

Let's see who can be the most creative with recyclable materials.

Each week we'll have one type of material that we need to turn into something special.

Thumbnail Subject Thread Starter Last Reply Replies
Image Challenge for March 4th - March 13th - OLD COMPUTER PARTS UniQueTreasures Dec 4, 2012 4:24 PM 27

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