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Feb 26, 2012 12:17 PM CST
T. Dasystemon is very much alike T.Neustruevae but taller.
I saw today the first tulips blooming in the garden. The bud of T.Cretica is not open yet but T. Polychroma, a very nice llittle species with a nice scent is bllooming
Thumb of 2012-02-26/CLUSIANA/229b80 Thumb of 2012-02-26/CLUSIANA/22e9c5 Thumb of 2012-02-26/CLUSIANA/c53165 Thumb of 2012-02-26/CLUSIANA/bfa647

Tulipa Polychroma

Feb 29, 2012 1:22 PM CST
Thumb of 2012-02-29/CLUSIANA/a97f7c Thumb of 2012-02-29/CLUSIANA/fce4bf Thumb of 2012-02-29/CLUSIANA/2321bc Thumb of 2012-02-29/CLUSIANA/1a6923

Tulipa Greigii Quebecblooming, all the plant has been damaged, just to let you know about this bloom

Mar 3, 2012 10:41 AM CST
Tulipa cretica (Species)

Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/f368dd Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/017f5d Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/17eb27 Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/26bb97

Mar 3, 2012 2:38 PM CST
Tulipa cretica (Species)

Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/f80791 Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/95a376 Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/edf0e3 Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/f1ab94

Mar 3, 2012 3:11 PM CST
Tulipa Polychroma

Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/3316c6 Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/e72a8e Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/d293eb Thumb of 2012-03-03/CLUSIANA/f30803

This one has six buds!

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Mar 5, 2012 5:02 PM CST
Tulips are growing, these are not species but hybrids and as you see, foliage enhance the beauty of the plant, already beautiful at the beginning of the growth

Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/c81b82 Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/b815ba Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/c30729 Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/e5fa2a
Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/157640 Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/2bb29e Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/77379b Thumb of 2012-03-05/CLUSIANA/2dd0f6

Mar 23, 2012 9:11 AM CST
I was wondering if I would put some pictures on the brIght new database but I will not. First as the owner of this cubit I am the only one responsible for what I write and show, besides I have to mention as all the information are thoroughly checked whenever I am doubting about and last I am sorry to say that I saw some wrong info on the other side and when I mentioned that Tulipa Polychroma posted as a Turkestanica was wrong, even I if tried to mention it kindly and plolitly I had no answer. even if the pictures were removed.
Anyone loving tulips is welcome here. I have been working for years on identifying plants, I am still looking for IDs for which even specialists do not have answer. This cubit has been created to share all the time I have spent studying and to give people looking for answers and/or pictures to find them as many are just immpossible to find on the web.
I want to thank my Cubit partner, Valleylynn, who has been so kind and helpful to me since the very beginning.
Mar 23, 2012 9:30 AM CST
Tulips growth is very late this year. After some very deep frosts the leaves which were growing suffered and some have been burnt by the frost, which is unusual. The short Tulipa Kaufmanniana are almost always the first to show up. I am glad to show you som new cutviars among them is 'Tulipa Kaufmanniana Fritz Kreisler'. You can look around to find it elsewhere you will not.

Tulipa Kaufmanniana 'Fritz Kreisler'

Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/fd6793 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/e8e5f7 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/d6f4e7 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/819925
Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/d34177 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/38a11c Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/6d6f20 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/4153b9

Mar 23, 2012 10:31 AM CST
Kaufmanniana hybrids

Tulipa Kaufmanniana 'Berlioz'

Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/c0e979 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/f87f49 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/76b33d Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/b3ae10
Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/ea7bac Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/72c384 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/3d6728 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/50116e

Mar 23, 2012 11:48 AM CST
Tulipa Keizerskroon

In cultivation since 1750

Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/2e3256 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/294726 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/ecc39c Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/c85b8b
Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/2e4c17 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/13df18 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/d4369c Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/9f69d5
Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/ddea0f Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/c471d9 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/552fd2 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/af0f1b

Early single tulips

Mar 23, 2012 12:49 PM CST
Triumph Tulips

Tulipa 'Zure'l

Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/c3e8e4 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/14f030 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/d18c83 Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/7a80ac

Not widely open yet

Mar 23, 2012 1:24 PM CST
Tulipa humilis hybrids

Tulipa Humilis 'Lilliput

Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/2717fb Thumb of 2012-03-23/CLUSIANA/7be4d6

Mar 24, 2012 3:32 PM CST
Tulilpa Turkestanica

Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/eeda8d Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/b7e352 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/dab946 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/bd2540
Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/b41029 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/c0a676 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/7c982e Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/b8d149
Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/28b9b0 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/70d1e2 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/741779 Thumb of 2012-03-24/CLUSIANA/0eb49a

A very elegant and reliable slender tulliip

Mar 25, 2012 8:14 AM CST
Tulipa Tschimganica


One of the most beautiful species, you can find also a red form

Thumb of 2012-03-25/CLUSIANA/af43b7 Thumb of 2012-03-25/CLUSIANA/9b72a9 Thumb of 2012-03-25/CLUSIANA/e07209 Thumb of 2012-03-25/CLUSIANA/029b11

Mar 26, 2012 1:31 PM CST
Triumph Tulips

Tulipa 'Zurel

Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/c9740a Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/7c3e6f Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/ebd3a2 Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/56e042
Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/8a37e9 Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/5a57da Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/b50794 Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/6d692b

Mar 26, 2012 1:45 PM CST
Tulipa Vvedenskyi 'Tangerine Beauty'

Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/1078ce Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/82d1fc Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/0737a1 Thumb of 2012-03-26/CLUSIANA/43bdc6

Mar 27, 2012 8:29 AM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
Catherine, I am so excited to be able to show you what is coming up in my raised beds. Look close, you can see a tiny bud coming up through the leaves.
Thumb of 2012-03-27/valleylynn/b053bc

Tulipa linifolia

Mar 27, 2012 12:18 PM CST
Thank you for this beatuiful picture Lynn.
Mar 27, 2012 1:54 PM CST
Tulipa Vvedenskyi 'Girl Friend'

Another beautiful and very bright Vevedenskyi hybrid

Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/a84dcd Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/b8517d Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/63d98d Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/acb76a
Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/ba7cb8 Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/f227e3 Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/94861b Thumb of 2012-03-27/CLUSIANA/3485f3

Mar 28, 2012 10:12 AM CST
Tulipa Greigii hybrids

Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/2e5564 Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/70c7b9 Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/9b0cfa Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/7f53bb
Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/e1dfa5 Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/c4b56a Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/4bbeb7 Thumb of 2012-03-28/CLUSIANA/a9c025

Tulipa Greigii hybrid 'Marie José'

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