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Jun 12, 2011 6:48 AM CST
Great Lynn. I like to name all the plants and guess you are about the same.
Jun 12, 2011 1:17 PM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
Here are two more I don't know the name of. The red one gets quite large and the yellow about medium sized for a bearded iris. The purple one is a very old variety that was here when we bought the house in 1999. It is highly scented, smells like grape Kool Aid. The right photo is another one I don't know the name of.
Thumb of 2011-06-12/valleylynn/b1d34b Thumb of 2011-06-12/valleylynn/129bc7 Thumb of 2011-06-12/valleylynn/bd3567 Thumb of 2011-06-12/valleylynn/8275ab

Jun 12, 2011 1:47 PM CST
These seem to be historic irises. Irises I love.
Try to search this link Lynn
and kep it. Very interesting link about old irises. I have already the head upside down trying to identifu old irises. Can be very difficult but may be you will recognise one of yours an put names on it..
Jun 12, 2011 2:09 PM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
Thank you for the link, I bookmarked it. : ) Will be good for a winter project.
Jun 12, 2011 2:39 PM CST
Yep again!
Jun 14, 2011 6:57 AM CST
Great start of the hemerocallis blooms.

Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/a01577 Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/264bfa Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/93f5f5 Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/33349e

Hemeroallis double 'Kwanso'
Jun 14, 2011 7:26 AM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/f5eae1 Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/cfad7a Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/c7932d Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/a79db9

Hemerocallis Citrina


Jun 14, 2011 9:11 AM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/317fc3 Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/df43af Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/cc3531 Thumb of 2011-06-14/CLUSIANA/d7cd27

Hemerocallis 'Olympic Gold''

Jun 14, 2011 6:51 PM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
Mine are not blooming yet. Those are all beautiful, especially the Hemerocallis Citrina.
Jun 15, 2011 5:11 AM CST
If you do not have it try to find hemerocallis Citrina Lynn. It really worth it. Just beautiful and quite difficult to get nice pictures. So the best way to enjoy it is to grow it.
Jun 15, 2011 3:26 PM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/b94da1 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/c580e3 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/f01a73 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/d31d0a

Hemerocallis 'Florida Sunshine'

Kirchhoff 1990
Jun 15, 2011 3:42 PM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/a7178a Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/8078e4 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/860bbf Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/72e66e

Hemerocallis 'Layers of Gold'

Kirchhoff 1991

Jun 15, 2011 3:55 PM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
Very pretty. I can't wait for my 'Buttered Popcorn' to bloom. : )
Jun 15, 2011 3:58 PM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/988f5c Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/d44003 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/d6c625 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/2fd3e7

Hemerocallis 'Hello Dolly

Pierce 1980

Jun 15, 2011 4:00 PM CST
I will be waiting for your 'Buttered Popcorn' Lynn. With such a name must be an edible hemerocallis.
Jun 15, 2011 4:17 PM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/a27dc8 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/f3c38c Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/d45009 Thumb of 2011-06-15/CLUSIANA/0638e2

Hemerocallis 'Orphée'

P.Anfosso 2000

Jun 16, 2011 12:35 AM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/1cbd46 Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/66296f Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/8ba329 Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/b369d6

Hemerocalis 'Pink For Two'

Kirchhoff 1989

Jun 16, 2011 3:44 AM CST
Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/5b2864 Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/d2757c Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/25b3e9 Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/63f542

Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/7294ea Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/b2469d Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/a6a184 Thumb of 2011-06-16/CLUSIANA/2b74d0

Hemerocallis 'Pas De Deux

Moldovan, 1984

height 26", bloom 5", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Ivory pink and cream orchid blend edged gold with green gold throat. (Water Bird × Queens Castle)
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Jun 16, 2011 8:17 AM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8
How many different daylilies do you have Catherine?
Jun 16, 2011 8:38 AM CST
I dontt know. Will try to check this out at the end of the blooms.

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