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Oct 8, 2011 11:31 AM CST
You are going to plant your tulips. First, where am I going to plant them? How deep? Which way? How many do I have? What do I want or need to do after the blooms?
As you all know bulbs from the trade fed heavily to produce large bulbs. Some can be quite huge, some others smaller.

Of course you will choose a sunny, well drained spot. In your case Lynn raised beds are the right place.
According to most of the advice you will find around, you have to plant your bulbs in a hole three times their size. Of course you can do that but you have to know a few things about the bulbs you have been putting in the ground. You can apply K (potassium) or a tomatoes fertilizer, or good compost from you compost pile during the fall and after the spring blooms. When leaves are drying you can dig them out or leave them where they are to naturalize.

Your bulbs will become smaller than when you first received them, as they will not be forced with fertilizer once in your garden.

So if you want to dig them out you don't need to plant them very deeply, but if you do not dig them up I would advise you put them a bit deeper as the bulbs will always go deeper by themselves. This becomes a problem when you want to dig them out after many years as it will be difficult to find them and you will find tiny ones where you put huge ones. The good side of planting deeper is that you will not be afraid of damaging your bulbs when cleaning your beds, the most important thing is to weed and to work the upper part of the ground.

Most of the bulbs need water for starting growth, some do not like water at all and have to be kept dry (very few species only).

According to the depth and the spot where you put your tulips they will behave differently. Some searching more sun will grow at the ground level and the stem will not stay upright. Some others love semi-shade and to be planted in an East/West axis and some love a full Southern exposure.

Mass effects are not always the best esthetic result. It is nice to plant tulips so the beauty of each one is enhanced. If you plant the same kind of tulips in two different spots you can save your variety sometimes. If the first area gets disease, the second can stay very healthy and so you are sure to find them returning each year.

When you have many tulips to plant I will plant the Dutch way. You lower the level of the ground, put the ground aside and put all your bulbs in the hole you dug and after that put soil back over them.

Otherwise make a hole with a planting tool and put you bulb at the bottom.


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