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Creating A Mermaid for Cath
By Janet Colvin on March 15, 2010

This mermaid has been one of our most challenging sculptures. We’ve created several insects and garden nymphs thus far, but nothing that even comes close to resembling a human. Come join us as we create a mermaid for Cath.

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The Golfing Couple
By Janet Colvin on March 16, 2010

This couple was created for one of the members of Dave's Garden. I met Linda at the first round up I went to in College Station in 2006. I had taken Penelope and the Elusive Butterfly and Maude, the Lady Golfer with me to show the folks there what they looked like "in person". We'd already posted photos of them in the Artisan's Forum on Dave's Garden. Linda said she wanted a couple because both she and her husband were golfers.

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Image Creating a Coleus Mama for Alice in Sweden ~ DAY 1
By Janet Colvin on March 19, 2010

Alice's husband contacted me about creating a very special Coleus sculpture for her with the only stipulation being that she could watch as we created it. I am going to post the creation of this sculpture in stages. Each day as we work on it, we'll take plenty of photos and some videos. I will compile the photos and put this all into a slide show presentation, adding to it as we go along. But the articles will be only that day's work, with links to the other articles AND to the slide show.

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Image Coleus Mama for Alice in Sweden ~ Day 3
By Janet Colvin on May 25, 2010

Day 3 ~ We created the Square Stem for the Coleus Mama, Cut and Shaped our Leaves, Created her Hands and some Cutting Shears, and Started Assembling the Dress. Over 500 photos and videos were taken on Day 3. She's coming along quite nicely.

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Image Coleus Mama for Alice in Sweden ~ Day 4
By Janet Colvin on May 26, 2010

Creating shoes for the Coleus Mama

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Image Coleus Mama for Alice in Sweden ~ Day 5 She's Finished!
By Janet Colvin on June 13, 2010

Today is Alice in Sweden's Birthday and I hope you'll share your birthday wishes for her here! We cut the main stem into 2 pieces so it would be easier to ship to Sweden, added flowers to her hat and made her jewelry. Then we torched the sculpture with color. She's complete now and absolutely gorgeous! I hope you will enjoy watching her creation. She's been so much fun to work on. Thank you Alice and Jan for allowing us to create a special birthday gift for a very special lady.

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