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By Janet Colvin (UniQueTreasures) on March 21, 2010

The Artisan's Nook is very proud to spotlight one of our favorite artisans. We enjoy the work of several artists in the Nook and hope to bring you more Featured Artisans articles soon. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and come meet the Putteringpossum. She has incredible talent and you're going to love her work!

Our Featured Artisan



Leesville, VA

Juanita Floyd

"I have been interested in artsy things since I was a fairly young child. As an only child in a family of adults my Mother encouraged me in every way. I think it kept me out of trouble and out of my Grandmother's hair. :))

I have never had formal training in any of the media that I work in. Everything is self taught and I have done it all! I've been painting ceramic bisque since I was a teenager and that I think has been my longest love affair with any particular thing. When I was finally able to buy a kiln and molds and be able to pour my own ceramics I knew I had really arrived!

One of the arts I wanted to learn and master was stained glass and I taught myself from a book believe it or not. After getting the right tools things went a lot better and I eventually ended up in a glass design studio doing entryways and production work as well as sandblasting and teaching. That lead me to my other love, hot glass. I learned to make lampworked glass beads over a torch over 15 years ago when it was just becoming available for a hobbyist to do. I loved the torch and made thousands of beads which I sold on a fledgling thing called eBay. It was a good living doing that and fused glass pieces, but then 9/11 happened and the market crashed for art type items. The final death knell for my lampworking career came when people discovered they could buy a cheaper product from India and China.

Somewhere along the line came polymer clay and I've been working in that since the early days of the product. Sold hundreds of sculptures, beads and jewelry findings on that aforementioned eBay. Then the third world entered in to that and I gave it up.

After glass, came wheel thrown pottery which lead me back to ceramics. Oh and yes I do paper crafts and make all my own greeting cards as well.

Now I dabble in whatever makes me happy. I rarely sell anything and prefer to make things for the pure enjoyment. Anyone that has ever tried to sell artwork of any kind soon realizes that somewhere along the line it becomes more about what the customer wants and less about the artform itself. This has gotten so much longer than I think Janet probably wanted it to be so I have omitted many of the things I've done and tried to do. Let's just say...Been there, done that!"

Ceramics and Clay Art Studio

Thumbnail by putteringpossum Putteringpossum works with Polymer Clay and produces some gorgeous pieces with her incredible talent.Thumbnail by putteringpossum Her attention to detail is what makes her art so beautiful and really make you want to take a closer look The color combinations she uses in her craft make her work very vibrant and whimsical!




Thumbnail by putteringpossum

These little guys haven't decided what they want to be yet.  The faces are from some of the Maureen Carlson molds that you can buy. Then I painted some wooden flowers and put the faces on.

Thumbnail by putteringpossum


This is a little clipboard I did for my grocery list when I shop. Just to show you some of the things you can do with polymer, a simple wooden clipboard and a little embellishment.




Thumbnail by putteringpossum


I finally managed to get the kiln fired yesterday. Had a bunch of things in there that I have been trying to get finished for a while.

First one is a mug. Handpainted design from a piece of clip art I saw.

Below are a
garden plaque and stepping stone.

 Just a design from my demented mind.. drool

Thumbnail by putteringpossum




 Thumbnail by putteringpossum





Thumbnail by putteringpossum

Thumbnail by putteringpossum

A pottery piece



 Here are a few bead photos. They are compressed so they are kind of small. It was they way we had to do them for eBay back then.  These were one of my signature items "Chubbees".

Thumbnail by putteringpossumThumbnail by putteringpossum         Thumbnail by putteringpossum

One stained glass piece

 Thumbnail by putteringpossum

     Fused glass and copper pieceThumbnail by putteringpossum


Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Studio


Thumbnail by putteringpossum 



Putteringpossum makes gorgeous Gift Bags with some beautiful embellishments.  What a way to go Green!




         Greeting Cards

Thumbnail by putteringpossum 



This was a House Mouse Rubber stamp.
Did it with watercolor pencils.

Thumbnail by putteringpossum 




Whipper Snapper Designs Stamp. Done with pastels.

Thumbnail by putteringpossum



Thumbnail by putteringpossum 










This was for Valentines this year, but it was an extra that I didn't send. Now I have a head start on next year.

Another House Mouse stamp done with Prismacolor pencils.
The little candies are polymer clay wrapped in acetate.







This is a beautiful card that I received from Juanita for Christmas this past year.  I will always treasure the card and her friendship.

** All photos are copyright of the individual artist
and are posted here for illustration purposes only. 
Please do not copy these photos for any use. **


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About Janet Colvin
I love unique and unusual things. Connie and I create Copper Sculptures from new and recycled materials. I love thrift shopping and love a good bargain.

I'm married to a great guy, with 2 beautiful daughters and 4 incredible grandchildren and we live in Southeast Texas.

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