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Mar 18, 2010 7:11 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
You and my other half have the same idea - he was sure I was working with the red burn out velvet to hide the blood!! Rolling on the floor laughing

I started lamp-shade making when we lived in Texas, and all though there are one or tewo crafters in the UK most of my contacts are in the USA.

I started with the downloadable book from Maud at and went from there. You'll find my first lamp on her testimonials page.

You can recycle old frames - they do take a bit of cleaning up if someone has been using glue in the past though. This one is on a recycled frame because its original cover had been burned by the light bulb. I bought the lamp with its useless shade in an antique store - it had a 150watt bulb in it so no wonder it had burned through the shade!!

You can also buy new frames, there aren't many suppliers but those there are are good and do mail order.

I was asked by an interior designer from Miami if I could make shades to order for him, but when I costed out frames silks and other materials and added in my time it just wasn't a viable option. I would say each lamp took me about 500-600 hours so even at $1 an hour that would make them pricey. I know the more you do the faster you get up to a point, but I would have had to charge $600 a shade to make it work and then I wouldn't have had time for anything else either so its just an occasional hobby now.
There is a limit to the number of lamps you can have in one home!!

Have I answered everything you asked?

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