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Mar 22, 2010 1:28 PM CST

Thanks so much for plugging my (e-)book. As you know, I was so impressed with your first shade I have it displayed in the banner on my site (and on my testimonials page, too). As per your permission, I'd like to point out that it took you longer to make your shades than is usually the case, due to vision and joint issues, as well as that you like to work slowly and very carefully. It's quite possible to make shades by this construction method in a day or two, or even in a few hours, depending on the size and complexity. Also, some of your finger sticking problems derive from the fact that you're really a lefty, who was made to become a righty. Although any craft that involves pins and needles results in a certain amount of blood letting. If a problem, this can be greatly reduced by making use of the finger-protecting devices made for quilting, embroidery, and other needlecrafts that involve considerably more hand sewing. And stretch-style, traditional, lined lampshades are mostly machine sewn (4 short seams), with much less hand stitching involved.

These instructions should have been included in every book on sewing soft furnishings ever written, but for some reason have almost always been left out, leading one to think this must be really hard to do, when it's actually one of the easiest crafts to get really good at really quickly I've ever found. Below is Carol's first shade, and it's not only gorgeous, but perfectly constructed. In fact, most of the shades shown on my site were first or second projects. And you don't need to have much or even any sewing experience to be successful at this (a sewing primer is included for those who can't sew, yet; see my testimonials for the first shade made by a woman who'd never even sewn on a button). Soft shadecrafting also lends itself beautifully to the application of other crafts, such as fabric painting and bead work, and because so little material is required, it's a wonderful use for vintage fabrics and trimmings.

Thanks again!

P.S. The more direct and easier-to-remember URL to my site is

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