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Image Spotlight: Janet Colvin (UniQue Treasures)
By Nancy Polanski on April 5, 2010

Janet Colvin is a Texas based artist who, with her sister Connie, works metals and other assorted odds and ends into magical garden figures, some human, some not so human. Come and meet Janet........

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Image Spotlight: Jackie Muncy (kaglic/kiska)
By Nancy Polanski on April 19, 2010

From giant vegetables, to a moose in the backyard, to majestic mountains and Aurora in Alaska is an adventure! And this week's Spotlight is on someone who has lived there for over 30 years. Come along and meet Jackie...

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Image Spotlight: Chris Rentmeister (Goldfinch4)
By Nancy Polanski on May 3, 2010

You probably know her for her intarsia creations. She recently wrote an article about it for the Wood Crafts Cubit. I saw the article and wanted to learn more, not only about intarsia, but also about Chris. She's got some interesting things to say about her hobbies and her life. I invite you to meet Chris Rentmeister.

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Image Spotlight: Linda Cartwright (Taters55)
By Nancy Polanski on December 20, 2010

Taters55 is Linda Cartwright, a very down to earth person who enjoys creating handmade crafts and Christmas decorations with her grandchildren. Today I'd like to have you meet Linda, and then maybe share some of your own craft ideas with us.

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Image Spotlight: Maria Williamson (Mistirose)
By Nancy Polanski on February 14, 2011

We asked Cubits members to recommend names of people who we might approach about being interviewed. One name we received was Mistirose. Until recently, all I really knew about her was her unforgettable avatar. (Check it out!) I was curious to meet the person behind the “Kiss.”

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Image Spotlight: Dorothy Mitchell (LaVonne)
By Nancy Polanski on February 28, 2011

Our interview this week is with Dorothy Mitchell, who owns several cubits and a store which sells painted gourds, jams, jellies and handmade crafts. She has tried her hand at the widest variety of crafts I've ever seen, and she has some wild stories to tell of rock hunting expeditions in the desert. Let's meet LaVonne.

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Image Spotlight: Sheri Weldy (Sjweld)
By Nancy Polanski on March 21, 2011

I became familiar with Sheri over at the Playpen of Graphics Jigsaw Puzzle Forum. Some of the puzzles Zany made were of Sheri's budgies, beautiful birds that she talked about as if they were her family. We puzzlers are a close-knit group, and I started to get attached to them too. So it was a delight for me to chat with her for this article.

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Who's Who Spotlight features weekly quotes of inspiration, information and humor. We also have a collection of interviews with various Cubits members.

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