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Image Remembering Polly: Spotlight: Polly Kinsman (Pollyk)
By Sharon Brown on April 23, 2015

*** We lost a beautiful friend this week, we knew her as PollyK. She left us with lovely memories and beautiful images of plants she loved most. If you ever had a question about Irises or Lilies, she was the one to ask. I thought it would be appropriate if we published her Spotlight article again. *** Getting to know new people is fun and exciting. Getting one of your best friends to be in the Spotlight is somewhat interesting. Not that there was any bribery involved, but she knew very well I could have told her story without her help. But that's my friend Polly, low key, cordial, very helpful, and very, very knowledgeable. I want you to get to know her, too, because she is the one to go to if you want to learn more about Irises and Lilies. Let's meet Polly Kinsman . . .

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Image Spotlight: Maria Ramspott (Maria)
By Sharon Brown on June 21, 2010

Very rarely do we ever meet someone who walks right into our hearts and remains there. Even more rarely do we ever meet one who has lived the history we have only read about in books. It is an honor for me to know Maria, and an even greater honor to share her story with you. Hold on to your hearts, my friends, because Maria will surely touch yours.

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Image Spotlight: Chelle
By Sharon Brown on September 13, 2010

Sometimes we meet others who touch our hearts with their words, and we are fortunate to have them become a part of our lives. That's the way I feel about Chelle, a very sweet and talented young woman from northern Indiana. I'd like you to meet her, too.

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Image Spotlight: Neil Muir (NEILMUIR1)
By Sharon Brown on October 11, 2010

A little more than a year ago on a comment thread attached to one of my articles on medicinal plants, I met a man from England. His response to my article was valid, he knew what he was talking about, and since I wrote of plants that grew in the Appalachian mountains, I wondered how a man from England could know so much about a Kentucky wildflower. Read on, because that certainly isn't the end of the story.

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Image Spotlight: Larry Rettig (LarryR)
By Sharon Brown on October 25, 2010

Sometimes we meet a friend and we know within a heartbeat that our lives have been made better. It doesn't matter that we've never seen our new friend face to face, it only matters that the value of the friendship begins to evolve. Remember the old song "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better..."? Well, it was almost like that at the beginning, but I think I need to tell you the whole story so you'll understand.

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Image Spotlight: Ava Eads (akfishergal)
By Sharon Brown on November 22, 2010

Sometimes we meet a new friend who changes our lives forever. Ava is that kind of friend. I had to travel all the way from Kentucky to Alaska to find her. Her story is so special, I just had to share it with you. Join us as we spend some time in a very beautiful state with a very interesting lady.

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Image Spotlight: Chris (Ladygardener1)
By Nancy Polanski on June 13, 2011

In the Spotlight today is Chris, from the scenic State of Pennsylvania, which is on the Great Lakes and which just happens to be the subject of the cubit she owns. I'm delighted to have had this opportunity to chat with her. Join us please.

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Image Special Spotlight: All Things Plants
By Sharon Brown on July 11, 2011

It's exciting to share with you a new adventure and that's exactly what this Special Spotlight is all about. Join me as we take a giant step into gardening.

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