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Image Spotlight: Dorothy McDevitt (Dorothy)
By Sharon Brown on July 5, 2010

Art will forever be my passion, because it tells a story without words. Sometimes I happen upon an artist who with one brush stroke can say more words than I could write in a lifetime. I'd like you to meet one of those very talented artists. Chances are, you might already know her.

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Image Spotlight: Jo Ann Gentle (ge1836)
By Sharon Brown on August 30, 2010

I thought I was an artist until I met this week's Spotlight guest. Now I've decided I'm a student at the knees of a master. I knew Jo Ann could paint, I've followed her paintings for a long time, but I never knew till now just how talented she really is. It is my pleasure to introduce Jo Ann Gentle to you, and to show you some of her very beautiful work.

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Who's Who Spotlight features weekly quotes of inspiration, information and humor. We also have a collection of interviews with various Cubits members.

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