Special Spotlight: All Things Plants

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on July 11, 2011

It's exciting to share with you a new adventure and that's exactly what this Special Spotlight is all about. Join me as we take a giant step into gardening.

 I used to visit and revisit it a dozen times a day, 
and stand in deep contemplation over my vegetable progeny 
with a love that nobody could share or conceive of 
who had never taken part in the process of creation.  
It was one of the most bewitching sights in the world 
to observe a hill of beans thrusting aside the soil,
or a rose of early peas just peeping forth 
sufficiently to trace a line of delicate green. …Excerpt from “Mosses from an old Manse” by Nathaniel Hawthorne


It’s a great thing, isn’t it, taking part in the process of creation? It’s like seeing a blank canvas in front of you and watching it turn from bare white into a growing avalanche of color. That’s exactly what’s taken place in the world of gardening websites.

All Things Plants brings to us a new and complete look into the world of gardening, thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of Dave Whitinger and his wife, Trish. A new gardening website is nothing new to them2011-07-10/Sharran/684add, it simply joins the list of all they’ve accomplished.

Dave’s first gardening community was created more than ten years ago followed by his most recent venture, Cubits.org, a universe of communities.  Cubits was created so that individuals could build their own websites, the content of which could be on any topic. It was never built to be a single navigable site, but as some of my friends explained, it was much like a mall filled with individual businesses. Next door to the chicken coop we might find a quilt shop, but we had to leave one to go into the other.

Some of those individual units within Cubits became garden sites in spite of their separateness.  Seeing again the need for an even better site that would combine the individual gardening cubits into a navigable unit, Dave created All Things Plants as a sister site to Cubits. If the Cubit owner wanted to pack up his gardening cubit and join with other gardeners in a more united fashion, Dave has made it happen.  And for those whose Cubits had little or nothing to do with gardening, they remain where they are, owned by their same individuals and only a click away.

And who better to create a top of the line brand new gardening site than a gardener who is also an expert computer programmer?

Dave had this to say when he announced his latest venture:

“I have a lot of experie2011-07-10/Sharran/6871dance building and managing a gardening site, and I enjoy the process of writing applications that support and enhance the activities that gardeners do. Therefore, I am going to create a website dedicated exclusively to gardening.

There are many large and popular websites out there, but they seem to suffer from a common problem:  they are run by non-gardening businessmen and developed by non-gardening programmers.

This is what differentiates me from everyone else, and is a major reason why I have been successful in the gardening community in the past. I listen to my users and develop applications both for my own use and for theirs. This results in an ability to develop websites vastly better than those currently out there.

I believe that my new gardening site will become the best one out there, and the primary reason will be because of the great apps that I will be writing for it.

So, I want to build something that is sustainable for the long term, I want to pour my energies into something that I know will last for a long time and I want to be involved from here out. The only way to ensure those goals are met is to decide ahead of time that I'm never going to sell, no matter what”.

And so a new site is born, launched on this very day. The soil has been tended, the garden has been plowed and now the seeds have been sown.

Someone said: ‘You can bury a lot of troubles 
digging in the dirt.”  Gardeners will tell you that you can reap a lot of benefits with the digging.

All Things Plants is now open and ready for you. It’s filled with forums containing the most up to date information for nearly every species of plant on anyone’s list. The plant specific forums are moderated by those who have expert information to share and are supported by experienced members. No question is ever too simple to ask and with all the help available from members of th2011-07-10/Sharran/9756b5e site, no question is ever too difficult to answer.

The plants are listed by name or description and each has a forum of its own. Within each forum, you’ll find threads pertaining to that plant, all filled with information. If you have a question that isn’t answered when you get there, you can be sure you’ll have an answer before you leave.  

“Gardens are not made by singing 
’Oh how beautiful’ 
and sitting in the shade,” said Rudyard Kipling. Neither is a website. With Dave and Trish at the helm and with the availability of shared information, this gardening community will only grow stronger and bigger.  

Come join us right now. There is no fee and the soil is ripe with nutrients. What better way to provide for our future and that of our children than to plant that one small seed, tend its growth, and reap its benefits.

Come on in, we’ve left the gates open for you:  allthingsplants.com

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About Sharon Brown
I am a retired Art and Humanities teacher living in western Kentucky. I love writing and art with equal measure, but I also have a passion for nature and plants.

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