Roving Reporter: High School Reunions

By Brenda Essig (Zanymuse) on November 14, 2011

Have you attended any of your school's class reunions? If yes, did you enjoy it? If no, feel free to say why not!

I have only attended one school reunion and it was for the elementary school here in Scotia. This was the only school that all my siblings and myself attended at the same time. Shortly after I returned to this area my brothers came to visit. Their visit coincided with the schools big reunion. It gave us all an excuse to take a walk down memory lane since the reunion was for the entire school instead of for a single graduating class.

It was fun and I even recognized a few of the others who attended. We moved away at the end of my 6th grade year so I did not proceed through the 7th or 8th grades with this class. We moved back in time for me to attend High School in Fortuna for my Freshman and Sophmore years where all the local elemantary schools in this area are bused in. So I knew many of them in High School as well. We moved again at the end of my Sophomore year and I did not graduate with them for a second time, so  I have never been invited to the local high school reunions. Somehow, having attended so many different schools in so many different cities, I would feel like a party crasher anyway.

I saw a sign saying "Welcome Class of 1936" That is 75 years... I hope they have a huge number in attendance and a wonderful time.

Here is what you had to say about school reunions.

Larry Rettig (LarryR)

I've attended all of them! Our graduating class had only 13 members, so as high schoolers we often piled into two cars and headed off to some great, mischievous adventure. I enjoy our reunions, because we know each other so well and always have a good time. In 2009 we celebrated our 50th. Our reunions are becoming more frequent now. We've come to realize, now that we've reached the age of 70, that life is much too short!



Us at our 50th. As you can tell from the head count, we've lost three of our members.



2011-10-28/Zanymuse/4bc0ffHome made ice cream is always a highlight of our get-togethers.










Enjoying a recent reunion at Cottage-in-the-Meadow Gardens.



Kimberley (Gardenwife)

I never did attend any. I was primarily friends with students in the grades before and after mine. High school was not a happy time for me, so it's something I'd just as soon not revisit. Sticking tongue out Our high school's class reunions are always held on the Saturday of July 4th weekend, coinciding with the town's street fair. I considered going to my 10th, but didn't. However, my husband and I went to the fair and I saw many of my former classmates while walking around. The painfully awkward small-talk out on the street made me thankful I hadn't spent a bunch of money to attend the official reunion. I might go to my 50th...Just maybe...But it'll be out of morbid curiosity and not out of any feelings of fealty.

Annmarie (AnjL)

I have gone to 2 of our reunions. I really didn't like the first one at 5 yrs...they were all a bunch of college party animals and I was already a mom lol.
I went to our 20 yr. reunion and had an absolute ball! I think by then we were all at about the same 'place' in our lives and there seemed to be no more competition about who was better off financially or better looking etc. With all that childish stuff left behind we really let our hair down and got to REALLY know who our classmates had become.
We had a 25 yr. reunion this past summer, which I missed, and am kicking myself over and over again for not going. Apparently it was such a huge success that our class has decided to have an annual reunion that will also double as a fund raiser for the kids who are now attending our old high school =) I am really looking forward to next years reunion! I think facebook has also help bring us all together as a group...and we are a large group! over 300 in my graduating class =)

Arlene Marshall (TwinLakesChef)

I went to my 10th and it was a blast. No one , evidently, expected me to make much of myself. I walked in with my chiro degree and a special dress; wild CA hairdo; people were surprised. But they were still holding onto their high school clicks.

On the 25th reunion, I decided to volunteer to organize it. We held it in a historic house, had a piano player play music on their baby grand, catered a meal that was out of this world . . I demanded fresh steamed veggies . . not mushy.

We had wine bottles on each table and I had special labels made that said, "Class of 65" A Vintage Year.

We raffled them off. I also made a booklet to hand out with all the contact information for everyone to have.

It was a great evening but we couldn't keep these events going. Our school district was reorganized so many times that we were all feeling like we were just thrown together. It was all so watered down that we lost our strength.

Reorganization of school districts is not a good thing; but, I guess, necessary with shrinking populations. We were a class of 8 thrown into a class of 55. We were out of our element. We were thrown into a school that was once our rival in athletics. Not a good thing. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share with you.

Becky (Boopaints)

 2011-10-28/Zanymuse/9163a5I have attended all 4 of my high school class reunions and all four were so much fun. I loved getting reacquainted with classmates. The last two, I was on the planning team and because our class goes "all out" with these reunions, we took a year to make it special. For our 40th, we hunted long and hard and found 95% of our classmates. Our theme was "Coming Home, Giving Back" and with that, we gave over 1,400 stuffed animals to the Shriners for the children to hold and take home when they are in the hospital.

    I love seeing all of the alumni and making friends with people I didn't know well before is a plus. The nicest part of our 40th is that all the "groups" are long gone. No matter if you were a geek, a nerd, a jock, a brain, popular, unpopular, outgoing or shy. Everyone has grown past the labeling for the most part and in some ways, appreciate one another much more.

Here is my view of each of my reunions:
10th Talking about finishing college (or not), new spouses and children  
20th Talking more about economics, careers, divorces and children
30th Talking more about life changes, midlife, and remarriages
40th Talking more about self, empty nests and retirement plans


Susan (gardenersdetective)

I have not attended class reunions. Have not kept in touch and didn't feel I had anything to share with folks I haven't seen or talked to in 40 years. My future has been so much more exciting than my past.

Kathy Parker (Kizmo1)

Wow, what an undertaking! No, sorry to say I haven't attended any of my HS reunions. Graduated in '74 from a small town school, mostly farm country, some of the clique-y kids decided that our school wasn't good enough for the Jr/Sr Proms and had to drive to big cities or some fancy trip in order to celebrate what should have been a nice memory of our school years. After that, I had no desire to go back to attend their expensive reunions. Most of them have divorced/married multiple times, the 'lower scale of the class' have no desire to get together anymore.
Last year, one of them sent out a FB invite to see how many she could get together. 12 out of 96 attended - the clique-y ones were in the center of the her vast living room drinking wine and talking $$$$$$$ careers, while the few of the hard working farm kids that attended (lived close enough to go) stood by the windows, drinking sodas and watched.... typical behavior for our class...
I did not attend, just saw FB photos and had a follow up email from one of the attendees...

Good luck on your reporting, will be fun to see what you come up with! I'm sure there are plenty of people that DO have fun reunions!

Carol (yardqueen1948)

I went to our 10th. Class of '66. I did not enjoy it much. Felt like a complete stranger. I was very shy in school and was not in the popular crowd. We had a class of almost 700. I had friends of course, but they were not in the "in crowd" either. Actually, none of my friends were there except one girl who I also went to church with. She and her husband sat with me and my husband. I did not stay in contact with my friends after graduation. When I married in '67, we moved from San Antonio to Washington State for 3 yrs. When we came back we lived in the Dallas area (where he was from) so I did not even know who my friends married with the exception of 2 or 3 that I also went to church with. I did see them at church when I visited my parents.

Fred Rump (Fred)

Yes, I attended our 25th HS reunion but no college ones. For the 50th etc I thought it was more reasonable to send them a check for a thousand dollars for their scholarship fund rather then spend all that money to fly there. My 60th HS reunion is coming up and I won't be going there either. I'm in Florida and my youth was spend in Philadelphia. It's a haul to go to a dinner.

As far as enjoying the reunion - it was fun but also very enlightening as to who showed up. I was one of 1110 seniors and only the top two classes or sections had any significant representation. I guess all of the better students also made something of themselves and showed up to tell their stories.

Joann Heidt (Lenjo)

I have only attended one reunion since high school. I went to Catholic school for highschool and after three years (this was during the tumultuous sixties) the school closed and our little town didn't even have its own public high school. So my senior year I was packed off to the neighboring town. I was so disheartened and resentful at not being able to finish at the Catholic school. Many of my classmates at the Catholic school came from many neighboring towns and so my class splintered into 16 other schools. They did have a reunion once of all the various kids that were attending the Catholic school at the time of its closure and that is the one reunion I attended. So I really didn't know some of the seniors at the new school and I have never really been interested. That is my story.

Candee Gaye (haighr)

I went to one class reunion, think it might have been the 20th or 25th.

Didn't really enjoy it. Had to travel and stay 2 nights. Nobody there that I used to hang out with. Will not likely attend another.

Charleen (Ridesredmule)

Seems like my answer is NO! I went to school in a very small town. My parents were not rich or had money. I didn't get to wear all the pretty clothes, no fancy up-dos. I was lucky to have a change of shoes.
I felt like if they didn't "care for me" then, now wouldn't make any difference. Let them wonder.
But when I went to visit a cousin a few years back, one of the boys from school came to visit and I was so surprised. That was my closest to a reunion.
I'm sure you know how cruel kids can be to each other.
Sound bitter, don't it? But I would love to see them if they just were nice.

Karen Burch (gardener2005)

I have not because I never received an invitation but I think that would definitely be a real trip down memory lane for sure!

Ric (Henryr10)

Several reunions.
OK I guess but I really had about nothing in common anymore, but HS, w/ most everyone there.

Samantha Flowers (finerliners)

I have never attended a class reunion, never been invited guess it was because I didn't graduate. Did get my GED the same year though!

Barb Jenkins (quilter5)

I just went to my 50th high school reunion last August. I had not been to any of the others. I hardly recognized most of my former classmates. There were several though who remembered me and made a point of speaking. It was a great time and I really had fun. It was sad though to realize how many had passed.....

Mary (MaryE)

No, I have not. I moved around a lot during my youth, and never bonded with any of them.

Jamie R  (JaeRae)

Answer: wouldn't think of it, I have the 40th coming next month. As I told them, I will not go.

Reason: I see folks I want to see but have no interest in revisiting those that I don't. Some are still in the same cliques, anyone can breed, as then we have little in common, few did anything (educationally, artistically, or politically) that commands my respect, and, I have no interest in "showing myself off" just so they have something new to gossip about.

I'm not proclaiming to be 'better', just that with the exception of a few, I am and was always different in my tastes.

Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners)

No! I've never been invited to one...they might not even ever of had one for all I know.

Sorry....wasn't very entertaining that *Blush*

I want to thank all of you who responded and hope that others will share their experiences with us in the comments.

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