Roving Reporter: Most Memorable Vacation

By Nancy Polanski (nap) on January 9, 2012

January is the time many of us are thinking about getting away to some exotic, tropical vacation spot for a little rest and relaxation. Would you like to hear about some of our Cubits members' most memorable vacations? Please, follow me....

 My husband and I have had some very memorable vacations over the last 40 years. We lived in Germany for a couple of years in the '60s, and the Army is generous with vacation days, so we saw quite a lot of Europe. Being newlyweds made our trips all the more unforgettable.

Then a few years later we took a rather spontaneous trip across the country. We had one week, so we just drove West until mid-week, then turned around and headed home. Along the way, we stopped at some of the red-lettered attractions in the Atlas, like Herbert Hoover's house and Wild Bill Cody's Ranch, etc. That was a surprisingly good vacation!

We had another memorable trip in the early '90s. We went to Venezuela. That was when the country was more stable and prices were very affordable! We stayed in an elegant resort hotel right on a beautiful beach. The Jungle Excursion was fantastic, and the hotel staff treated us like royalty.

We love Ocean City, Maryland, too. We've been there several times and will surely go back again.

I thought I'd ask some of our readers to tell me about their own memorable vacations. Perhaps you would like to read their responses.


Dixiegalpa: My most memorable vacation. I guess it would actually be my honeymoon. We had a blast in Williamsburg, VA. From days and days of roaming around the town and learning so many things about history and going to Jamestown to going to VA beach and catching some rays and digging a huge hole and covering up my new hubby. Then nights going back to Williamsburg and going to Chownings Restaurant. They had the best foods and they had great entertainment. Plus we had dinner with Ben Franklin one night. So much fun packed into one week. One day we want to do it again with our son.

My husband and I loved Williamsburg, too. If we ever get back there, what's the best plate to order at Chownings?

Dixiegalpa: Their special that week was a chicken pot pie...and that was my fave. It was very good. It had a great gravy that was beautifully thick and flavorful and the chicken was very moist...perfect. The veggies were great too. If that is how they ate back in the old days...then I would have loved it. They made everything the way my grandma used to.




Quietyard: I think my most memorable vacation would be the one my husband and I took the second year of our marriage in 1972. We went to Disneyland where I had never been. He had so much fun showing me all the attractions. I was amazed at all the beautiful flowers as well as the rides. I loved 'Its a Small World' and the 'Pirates of the Carribean'. It was truly magical. From there we traveled up the beautiful coast, ending up in San Francisco, where we took a boat ride out around Alcatraz. We returned to Disneyland many times in the following years, but none was as special as that first time.


I have always wanted to visit northern CA, and especially drive up the Coast! I hear it is outstanding! Please tell me more!

Quietyard: The coast is beautiful, as you would guess. In the southern part of the state, you drive through smaller towns that are level with the beach. Further up north the road is high above the water, giving a spectacular view as you drive. San Francisco is very hilly and green. The Golden Gate bridge is a wonder as you drive across the water. We stopped at a restaurant in Fishermans Wharf and ordered a plate of various types of seafood. Well, these desert rats knew little about fish and some of the stuff was strange and raw and we were not sure how or if we should eat it. We ended up laughing hysterically. I don't remember eating much of that meal. It was sure fun, though.



Mistirose: Ok, most memorable vacation, that's easy. We don't usually take vacations, so that makes this one even MO RE memorable. We LOVE Colorado and we LOVE the Harley (motorcycle) so what would be better for hubby's birthday than taking a trip on the Harley up to Colorado (we were in Dallas, TX). This is not one of the Goldwing/highway type motorcycles with the cushy seats and radio and so on. We like power and speed...We have a Sportster. While she is quite a nimble and fast critter, she is not made for long jaunts as we soon learned. We were so sore from the ride, not to mention, umm, sunburned. We actually had to buy full helmets in Colorado for the trip back, not for safety, but as sunscreen. The weather was less than cooperative too. We took this vacation in June. We were almost out of Texas and it started to pour rain. We didn't have rain gear, so we pulled off and got a bite to eat..still raining...we had to get a hotel before we even left the state. It did this to us three days in a row. Things could have been worse though. I guess we were actually behind a snowstorm that was hitting Colorado by about a day. We were in our hotel watching the news and it showed another biker trying to ride through the snow and the poor guy got mad, pulled over and threw his helmet down. I'm soooo glad we didn't see the snow. We did make it to Boulder safe and sound finally. Here is the irony for you; before we left to come back to TX we decided to buy some rain suits to keep in the saddle bags....not one drop all the way home.

Was it at least fun?? Or was all the fun in having it be over and living to tell about it?


Mistirose: LOL it was fun, when we weren't getting pelted with rain. We stayed a few days and visited a friend of ours, then headed back. We were exhausted.




Cececoogan: Mine? It was this past July, going to Nashville TN. I have dreamed of that city and the Grand Ole Opry for as long as I can remember. I never thought I would ever see it. Ed took me in July, four days and four nights in the country music capitol. It was the best. What I thought was interesting in that trip was...Did you know that the Opryland hotel has a (oh, I forget now) four acre (?) garden INSIDE the hotel? Complete with a river (on which a river boat takes guests for rides) with fish and ducks. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

I went through the Reiman Theater, the original Opry House, the Museum, attended the Grand Ole Opry on a Saturday night. That's the night when, as a kid, we would all huddle in front of our black and white TV in Texas and watch the Opry Live from Nashville. Ahhh, memories of popcorn. It was the only time we were allowed a juice glass of soda....and of course, that COUNTRY MUSIC!




Rannveig: The first vacation that comes to mind is the last time we traveled abroad in 2008 ... less than a month before everything came crashing down here in Iceland. We took the girls to Disneyland Paris for five days and then spent a week in Spain afterward. It was a wonderful trip and the girls enjoyed it soooooo much! Disneyland has to be the closest thing to paradise if you're a kid. The Icelandic króna was in free fall the entire time so everything just got progressively more expensive as the days passed. We still managed to enjoy the trip and after we got home and everything went south, we were so grateful that we had decided to go on that trip. It would have been impossible a year later. The girls' favorite rides were The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and It's a Small World :)

 I'm glad you decided to go too. It sounds like a beautiful time! I have been to Disneyland in California, and to Disney World in Orlando, but it would be so nice to see what it's like in Paris!!

Rannveig: Disneyland Paris is pretty similar to Disney World in Florida ... not the same, of course, but the same magic :)







Herbie43: Do I have one for you! This was not exactly a vacation, but rather a long three day weekend.

My wife Debbie and I were just married, when my cousin Mike and his wife JoAnn, along with our other cousins Joe and Franny, asked us to come along on a skiing jaunt to the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. I had never skied before but Deb did go a few times with her girlfriends before we were married. My cousins were pretty good skiers.

I did not have any kind of ski clothes and since I was sure I was not going to ski, I went with some dress pants and regular shirts. Deb still had some ski jackets and ski clothes so she was ok.

We arrived at the resort mid-day and I was ready to meet them in the lounge after they went skiing, but they insisted I go along with them.  Deb and I rented skis and off we went, Deb dressed in her ski jacket and me in my dress pants and a light jacket. After I put on the shoes and skis we started to go to the "apprentice hill," which was downhill from where we got our skis. Like I said, I had never skied and I found myself going downhill even though it was not even a hill but a path that sloped downhill. I did not know how to stop and the next thing I remember, I was going over a small fence and I ended up falling down. When I got up, we all noticed that the back of my pants were split from end to end and the boxer shorts were blowing in the wind while I was walking back to my room. Everyone decided to come back with me and I was so tired that I sat on the bed and just laid back and I was asleep instantly. My cousin Mike thought I was fooling around but Deb said I was sleeping. To prove I wasn't sleeping he actually straddled me with both his knees on either side of my stomach and his rear end resting on my stomach. He was using his ski poles making believe he was skiing. When I did not wake up they all started laughing and to this day we talk about that ski trip.

I have never gone skiing after that. And I stopped wearing boxer shorts after that incident.




HollyAnnS: Ric and I discussed this on our drive to the beach. We had a great time laughing and talking about the different memories.

There was one trip to the Fl. Keys, where we had one break down after another. The Motor Home three times, the boat trailer had several flat tires, the last one just a mile from the camp ground. Ric was so frustrated, I wasn't sure he would bring the boat home. Even my mother-in-law's car broke down while we were at their house. But once we made it to the Keys, we had such a great time. It was the first time we took the kids snorkeling and had a ball bumming around in the boat. Key West was a blast! We all still talk about that trip.

My first dive trip with a group of divers...having a vacation where I could dive as much as I wanted and talk diving all day long with other divers was just amazing. I didn't have to fit my dive time into someone else's vacation.

Our first trip to the Bahamas, Abbaco Island was pretty backwater then. Renting a boat and exploring all the small islands, first time snorkeling and sitting out on the deck at the restaurant over looking the harbor.

Ric, loved our first trip without the children. We flew into Las Vegas rented a car and drove around the Grand Canyon. It was the first time I flew, first time to go out west. Just the two of us following the road, the Canyon was amazing and we finished it up with a relaxing day hanging out at the lake.

But our best, most memorable trip was the one that took us the farthest from home. Ric and I went with a group of senior hockey players to Austria; Zell Am See, where we walked the town, took a boat tour of the lake, visited castles and skied on an Alpine glacier. There were several days in Salzburg, just walking through town, taking in every amazing site...the buildings, churches, castles, statues and gardens. The trip included a day in Venice and I think the most memorable thing was sitting on the Grand Canal with a glass of wine at the end of the day and thinking. "I never imagined I would be somewhere like this."

Ahh, yes. “I never imagined I would be somewhere like this,” said Holly. I know that feeling, and I'll bet many of you do too.

If you would like to share your own memorable vacation with our Spotlight readers, please, please do so! I would love to read about it in the threads following this article.

My thanks to all the contributors to this article~

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