Roving Reporter: What Will The New Year Bring?

By Nancy Polanski (nap) on January 30, 2012

It's January 2012. A fresh new year begins. I've asked some of our members to consider what that means to them. "What do you think will be different for you this year, as compared to 2011? Will this year bring changes in your life?"

I was so impressed by the responses I got to the question..." What do you think will be different for you this year, as compared to 2011? Will this year bring changes in your life?"...that I want you to read them with no interruptions from me.  They are upbeat and full of hope and inspiration.


 Patti1957:  Unfortunately there will be some bad/sad news for us this year, my aunt Linda was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer last spring and she is in the end stages of that awful disease. Colon cancer is very preventable if everyone would get their colonoscopies at age 50, earlier if you have symptoms or someone in your family has been diagnosed with it.

I retired last October so this year I hope to devote most of my time to what I love doing. At the top of my list and in no particular order would be.... collecting seeds, growing plants from seed, gardening, working in my cubits and cubit hopping, spending time with my grand-kids and traveling.

Both of my daughters are expecting babies this year, one in May and one in August. That will make 6 grand-kids for us! We are excited!

I almost hate to even mention this for fear of bringing something worse down on us but I am hoping that the weather will cooperate a little better this year for gardening. We had a long cool and wet spring/early summer last year that set things back a couple of weeks in the vegetable garden, but all in all we had nice production, so fingers are crossed!


AlohaHoya:  Nap...I hope this isn't too long. Funny you should ask that question because I've been thinking about it for a while....

I feel this year is going to be incredible, for me. I am shedding old behaviors (I would call 71.5 years old Whistling ) such as trying to be liked even by people I don't like/accepting unacceptable behavior from people (especially in my family) just to keep the peace/always needing to be right.

This will be the first year in my life that my mother is not around: she was an unhappy, manipulating, and, devious emotional cripple. I am so aware of how UNaware I was of her negative impact on me (and the whole family).

I recognize the joy and beauty around me more than ever before. I love my husband more, and in ways I never thought possible.

I have learned to say "no".

Today I finally found a way to store dry foods in a humid climate which has been a challenge and the scene of many a failures!'s gonna be a great new year!!!

A friend of mine (a wise mystic and follower of Rudolf Steiner) says our world is going thru a GREAT cosmic shift and that there will be a lot of turmoil but and we will emerge in a higher dimension. We are in the Age of Aquarius (remember the play?)... which all sounds good to me. I don't know I embrace all of it. I would like to be smoking what she is smoking.

I hired a brilliant friend (University Art Professor and good artist) of mine to give me weekly art classes and LOVE it. The artist who ran a great workshop in New Zealand wants to come here next summer (winter for them) and give a workshop so I'm busy involved with that. Finally I'm able to explore that side of me and I love it!!!

Recently have made some new friends, unlike any I have known. I am closer to the Hawaiian side of these islands and am learning how this beautiful, ancient culture is surviving, even today, with pride and dignity "in spite of everything". I am finding the rain water we catch and drink is sweeter, the clouds more dramatic, the smell of the ocean fresher and am hearing the music in the rains.

....and I am becoming more accepting of the fact hatred, and bigotry, intollerance, fear, and hypocrasy are simply a fact of life in our current world and no matter how much it bothers me and I try to fight it, I can't change it. I don't even read political analysts any more and almost don't pay much attention to the news. I am less emotionally invested in what I detest. There is so much more room now what I love and that which makes me happy.

If someone could come up with a substance that could create my feelings of contentment, acceptance and joy it WOULD become illegal!!! Pity that!

Gee, all this and we aren't into Spring yet!! Wow.


Aguane:  2012 is the year I will begin Social Security and Medicare. I have a whole new area of study to learn and keep up with... government bureaucracy. This will be so challenging and exciting. I know I won't have time to take any vacations because of all the study I'll be doing Big Grin If I master all of it... hopefully I'll have some money saved to take a vacation Blinking

No, really. I'm looking forward to devoting my time and talents to art and sewing projects, quilting, painting, gardening. Some volunteer work with a guild. I'll especially appreciate not going through the corporate mid-year and year-end performance review process. HATED THAT! But, in general it was a great ride and somewhat fulfilling.

Challenging because I won't have the day-to-day interaction with friends I've made at the workplace over 18 years. But, we'll stay in touch!

I really have no idea what I'm in for but happy to make the change to retirement.


Lance:  This year I will receive my PhD in marine science unless something untoward happens. I also hope the year will bring much less stress as the past year was very challenging with too many tragedies near the end.
Other than that, I hope to continue to spend time with my son as we grow and learn new things together. There is always so much to learn, do and learn how to do, I anticipate never getting bored.  Now back to editing more of my dissertation.


1Anjl:  Yes this year will bring lots of changes. My husband is retiring, and we started up 2 new companies! His is a handyman business, mine is a marketing/craft business. Along with that I am also doing tons of volunteer work in my new little community here, at ReHorse Rescue (a horse rescue esablishment), at the local puppy pound, at the local chamber office and also working with our non-profit Twain Harte Film Fest Association. It will be a busy year this year!!


Threegardeners:  OMG! what good timing you have!  I actually just got "officially" hired full time with the company I've been working for under contract since mid-November. My contract was ending on Jan. 29th and to say I was "worried" about what I'd do next is an understatement. This place even has benefits!

Now, this is the first "real" full time job ( the gas station was just part-time) I've had this century. I've always only been able to find work through "temp" agencies....never for the actual company itself.
It's only minimum wage (10.25/hr up here) but the benefits will make up for that, especially at my age. It's gonna be an awesome year!


Boopaints: Already this year has brought some great changes. I turned 60 in December and decided to blog about my 60th year and seek out 60 new experiences. I'm up to 13 now. Big Grin I kinda dreaded the big birthday but instead of feeling older, I am finding I have a new energy and excitement for life. My late in life do-over, going back to college, is on track, I have learned to say "no" better and my special word (rather than resolutions) is commitment. I'm asking myself what's really important and what is not before I commit to anything. I'm very busy and I juggle a lot of things but now I know I must make choices.

My favorite new experience so far for me this year is that I am learning how to create mini posters with simple graphic designs. I love this activity and could do it for hours. But what change do I expect? Not a thing: I like to experience a little serendipity in my life and will just wait patiently to see what 2012 brings my way!



Zanymuse:  Every day is a new beginning! I rise from slumber and greet the day. I stretch, yawn, and stumble into it wondering what it will bring my way. My priorities for this year are the same as they were yesterday and last year. To live each day to the best of my ability and focus on those I love. To be grateful for every breath I breath and to be happy in my life.

About 20 years ago I made the one and only New Years resolution I ever kept...That from that day on I would not make a single resolution on New Years Day because if it was important enough to make a resolution about it was too important to wait for a new year to make it.

I don't know what this year will bring but whatever it brings...I am happy to be here to live it, happy to have family and friends to share it with, happy that Pyxle stopped nudging me long enough to type I am happy that it isn't too cold out to take her for a walk.


Sharon:  Changes. I love my life. I never have enough hours in the day and I never have quite enough money in my pocket and I never have as much sunshine as I'd really like, but I love my life. I try to live so I'll have no regrets, but in the back of my mind there is one thing I'd like to change. I really want to move closer to my mountains. I'm hoping this year brings me closer to my goal.

If I've learned anything in all my years, I've learned this: The best laid plans are so often quick to change. That's one of the novelties this thing called Life brings with it. I didn't plan to be widowed but one morning I woke up to a whole new world; it took awhile to become accustomed to that change. Learning to live alone was an enormous hurdle, a leap of faith, a giant step for me. But that was almost 5 years ago and I don't dwell on it anymore. Aunt Bett always told me to make do with what I was given, and I try to hold on to that.

I adapted to the changes that life handed to me and I learned to look forward, not back. So for this new year, I'll work toward my goal, keeping those mountains right in front of me. It might not happen that quickly, I have a lot of downsizing to do, but it's a fun goal to work toward. It's like sitting in the dark waiting for the sunrise and all of a sudden there it is, bright and shining right in your eyes. You know it's going to happen, you just aren't sure when, but your heart does a little flip when it does. That's the way I picture my tomorrows, with my mountains just about ready to pop over the horizon. I'll get there one day.

In the meantime, this year I'll begin to unload the accumulations of 40 years that I no longer need. I'll get my gardens in shape and I'll mark the plants I want to take with me, just as I mark the things inside my house that will also make the trip.

It might not happen in 2012, but I'll be making progress anyway. As for other changes, well, there's a book or two to be finished, more paintings to be done and there's always the writing. Those things never change. You see, I keep challenges in front of me. I've never relied on others for entertainment and at this age I don't know how to sit back and wait for someone else to provide it, so that's what challenges are for.

I'm not sure I've answered your question, Nap. I love my life, every day of it, even the cloudy days. The only real change in my future will be when I finally make my way back to the mountains. And when that happens, I'll probably share it with the whole wide world. That's just the way my life works. Thanks for asking, Nancy!


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And my thanks to you, Sharon, for allowing me to show off your wonderful talent.  These are Sharon's recently finished paintings.  I'm proud to be able bring the Roving Reporter to a close with them today.  Thank you!

And thank you all for joining us every week.  Won't you please add your own expectations for the coming year in one of the threads below?  I'd love to hear from you.


(Special thanks to Becky (Boopaints) for creating the thumbnail for this article from one of my favorite Ocean City MD photos.)

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