Spotlight: Becky Moder (Boopaints)

By Nancy Polanski (nap) on June 14, 2010

Boopaints on Cubits, Booplants on Dave's Garden, Becky Moder to her friends. She answers to all of them. This energetic, artistic lady is our spotlighted guest this week. She has a contagious smile and a warm, friendly personality. I know you will enjoy this informal chat with her.


In Becky's own words, " I am an artist by profession and for the joy of painting, a gardener by desire and always learning. I like creating recycleable art and love bringing the written word and images together. I also am a huge fan of crafting."  She is the owner of nine Cubits.  I was amazed that she found some time to answer my questions.


Q. I heard you mention somewhere that you are a 4th generation artist.  In whose footsteps are you following?

Becky:  My great-grandmother was a watercolorist by hobby but she was very good! I wish I had some of her work but I have only seen photos of it. My grandmother painted in oils on canvas, as did my mother and my aunt. I do have some of their work in my home and I cherish it all. I really followed in all of their footsteps, plus my dad’s. He was a DJ2010-06-12/nap/6c9982 and had a TV show in Phoenix in the 70’s.  He had a doodling tendency, which I also have. If I sit  with a pen in my hand, then whatever is available becomes filled with sketches of ideas I want to paint. I love bold  colors and constantly see things I want to paint someday but work gets in the way. Maybe I will be another Grandma Moses and paint until I am 100!

Q.  You have such a wide range of expertise, which we can learn about in your Artistic Joy Cubit. Murals, faux  finish, canvas , garden art, house numbers, lightbulbs........anything else? What do you like to do best? Where is some of your artwork today?

Becky:    I do create collage art in altered books and “junk-art” on jewelry boxes but wha2010-06-12/nap/06a1a5t I love best is painting. The feel of paint on a surface is indescribable. Other than a simple theme in my mind, I never know what I am going to paint when I begin. I allow the brush and paint to speak to me and the journey begins. I recently painted for four weeks in a row at church. While the Pastor preac2010-06-12/nap/540b50hed, I painted my interpretation of his sermon. It was so much fun! The canvases were all three feet square and all were auctioned off to help with a cause I believe in. We raised $675, which made me so happy! I have a nine foot custom-made canvas hanging at Phoenix Children’s Hospital that I painted a few years ago and gave several murals as a “give back project” to SARRC, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center in Phoenix. My mural and canvas work are in hundreds of homes and businesses in Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Texas. Have Brush, Will Travel!

Q.  Are your kids artistic?  How many kids do you have?

Becky:  I have a son and two daught2010-06-12/nap/db76cbers. My son and youngest daughter are artistic but neither has found their passion for art yet. I have some of their artwork framed but I am not sure if they will make art a career like I have. I was actually 21 when my passion bubbled up so I know theirs will at t2010-06-12/nap/d42d1che right time. My oldest daughter is a nurse and a banker and laughs at her stick figures.

I adopted my first two children, Allie and Matt. 

Two years ago I found Matt's birthmother for him. It took me six weeks of non stop searc2010-06-12/nap/cd4c2bhing but I did it.   What an INCREDIBLE story of love.

Libby, my "mini me" was my only birth child and quite a surprise when I was 40. She is a feisty, strong willed and joyful young woman!

Once, at a seminar I was leading, someone asked me what defines me besides my faith.  My answer was "Motherhood, Friendships and Sushi."  (haha!)

I will soon be an empty neste2010-06-12/nap/e400cer and I want to get in my PT Cruiser and drive around the country and paint. How I will do that, I have no clue….but that is my desire and dream! A great way to see America, meet my cubits friends in their hometowns and paint to support myself! I keep thinking someone might sponsor me if I carry their gnome or paint their banner on my car but so far, nothing has come together. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

Q  You are a person of strong Faith. Is there something you would like to say about that?  (See Becky's Faith Cubits here and here.)

Becky: My faith in God is very important to me and it has been the only lifeline for me several times in my life when disasters hit. Knowing the Lord is there for me, that He has my back, is pure joy. I have friends of all faiths, no faiths, various lifestyles and choices and we all accept one another’s beliefs without argument. But if I am asked about my faith, I am ready to share it with anyone ….. I trust God to bring the people to me that want to know Him.

Q. You are also a Christmas enthusiast. What exactly does that mean?

Becky:  That is an understatement Nancy! When my home was filled with children it was so overly decorated, Macy’s would have been jealous. I will be sharing lots of ideas on my I LOVE Christmas Cubit in the Fall. Over the past few years I have given many of my decorations to the older two children for their homes and I have a couple of large boxes for my youngest to take with her. But I still have 18 large Rubbermaid containers filled with Christmas dishes, ornaments, garlands, wreaths, and my Santa co2010-06-12/nap/060905llection. I used to decorate each doorway of the children’s bedrooms with garlands and their childhood ornaments. It took me a week to accomplish everything and I loved every minute of it with Reba McIntire singing her Christmas carols all day long, chocolate cinnamon coffee brewing and all the windows open bringing in the fresh Phoenix winter air.

Q.  I guess you really DO love Christmas!  Eighteen Rubbermaid containers??  (I think I have three.)  What about gardening?  Are you much of a gardener?

Becky:  You betcha! Gardening is my bliss …. I love flowering plants mostly but have coleus, spider plants, and ferns of all kinds growing. My first Hollyhock bloomed today and since it was from our recent Arizona Garden Swap, I had no idea what co2010-06-12/nap/af20d9lor it would be. I found a bright pink bloom this morning and it is such a great color.  I also grew a giant seven foot sunflower that the little birds have taken over to build their nests with, but it was gorgeous and the size of a large platter. I spend at least an hour in the garden every day and plan to create a stepping stone patio soon. I buy things at garage sales and repurpose them for my garden so it’s a blend of cottage garden, artsy stuff and plants from friends. I recycle what I can and redecorate with spray paint and acrylics to add punches of color everywhere.

Q.  Here are a couple of questions I like to ask. Have you anyone (famous or personally) who has been an inspiration to you? And if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Becky:   My dad was famous in Arizona so I have to say it was him! He inspired me every single day to be the best I could be, to laugh along the way and to show love for others. He died when I was 33 and I cherish all he left behind in my heart. He was an amazingly fun father and all of my friends adored him. His legacy of e2010-06-12/nap/a851a5mbracing the positive in life will remain in me forever.  And in answer to the second question, I would like to have a heart to heart talk with Pastor Charles Swindoll who has impressed me more than any other non-fiction writer in my time.

Q.  My last question .....What would YOU ask yourself, if YOU were conducting this interview?? Now please answer THAT question.

Becky:  I would ask me if I really have the energy I appear to. And I would tell you yes I do!!! My grandmother lived to 103 and gra2010-06-12/nap/89667dndaddy to 100. My mother is still alive at 84. My energy dumbfounds even me sometimes because many people my age are slowing down already. I do watch movies at night and crash after a long workday for an hour or two but then I pop back up and can stay up until very late at night playing on cubits or facebook, writing letters, painting, or dreaming about my journey across America. Thankfully, I don’t ever get sick so I think as a kid I must have eaten cookies I dropped on the floor and became immune to illnesses. I am on the reunion team from my high school and we are planning our 40th reunion which keeps me busy too. OOOPS, I gave away my age!

(Well, that almost concludes my interview with Becky.  During our discussions, she mentioned a few more "bits and pieces" that didn't quite fall into a question and answer format.  I will add them here, at the end of the article, as a post script.....)


(Becky's Post Script)

* My dog Pepper just died recently.  She was the most incredible, loving and loyal dog I have ever owned.  (She liked to sleep on the stairs this way.)

* I have been journaling since I was 20.  My grandfather did the same thing and it was an amazing tribute to his life. My journal is really just for me, not anyone else, but it's a great way to see how I have grown and changed over the years.

* I love cooking and have so much fun creating new recipes but I don't have a lot of time to do that anymore. And being single, it's not as much fun to cook for just myself.  (Who wants to come to dinner??)

* My heart longs to travel and paint more than anything. THAT is my Biggest Dream!

* I have been working as a Census Enumerator for the past 6 weeks. It has been fun meeting so many new people!

* My grandson Joey will be one in July...he lives in Oklahoma with his parents, and I'm hoping to go visit them for his birthday.

* I do love to travel. I've been to Hawaii several times, to Canada twice and to Europe once, and the British Virgin Islands once.  Plus I have visited about one half of the United States so far.


And that is where we shall close our time with Becky Moder.  It's been very interesting getting to know Becky.  I hope some of our readers will want to leave a comment or two for her.  I know she'll be happy to answer them.  Thank you very much for visiting Who's Who Spotlight today!

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