Spotlight: Maria Williamson (Mistirose)

By Nancy Polanski (nap) on February 14, 2011

We asked Cubits members to recommend names of people who we might approach about being interviewed. One name we received was Mistirose. Until recently, all I really knew about her was her unforgettable avatar. (Check it out!) I was curious to meet the person behind the “Kiss.”

Maria Williamson is confident, ambitious and bubbly.  She seems to be a person who acts on impulse and gets things done right the first time.  So it doesn't surprise me to find that she met the man of her dreams through kismet, on a bus.  Read on...

Nancy: Hi, Mistirose. I want to begin by asking you what you prefer to be called, Misti or Maria?

Maria: Hi, Nap! Everyone here knows me as Misti but you can use Maria.

Nancy: Okay, Maria it is. I'll let you decide how you'd like to start this interview.

Maria: I’m afraid I’m not really big on going into my childhood or growing up for that matter, lol. We don’t want to depress everyone, but let’s see. I was born in Indiana and grew up throughout several different states - Indiana, New York, Florida, Alabama, Illinois and Idaho. I met my husband when I was almost 18. I had run away from home and had been told I could come back and get my things without any issue. So I hopped on a Greyhound bus to pick them up.

My husband (Bryan) was also on that same bus. He was on his way back to his ex-girlfriend to possibly give things another try. He watched me for a couple of days, then when we were almost to Boise (my destination), he woke me up and his opening line was “would you slap me if I kissed you?” He is a big guy, and I just looked at him half asleep and said “no” (lol). He didn’t, but he liked the line. He got off the bus to talk to me a bit while it was refueling and such, and 2011-02-11/nap/91108dasked me how old I was. I said 18. He said, “no you’re not, you're 17, you’re a runaway,”…and flashes a badge (which later turned out to be a sailor’s badge - lol) and says he was sent to bring me home. I was mad but he was laughing and told me no that wasn’t true. Karma arrived and the bus left him with me in Boise, which was a far cry from Portland OR, where he was headed. He told me he was on his way to get back with his ex-girlfriend and asked me if I wanted to go with him (he says he has no idea why he asked). I also had people expecting me to return to them, but for some reason I said “sure.” He calls it Puppy Love because we met on a Greyhound bus! We never dated. He asked, I went and we have never been apart since.

We have traveled A LOT - Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Texas and Kansas, some multiple times. We have now been together 20 years, working on 21 this year.

I have to say I have never met a more patient man than he is. I was young and put him through hell and he still stuck by me patiently waiting for me to come around. I love him dearly and always will. He supports me in anything I want to do in life and keeps me safe, loved and always laughing. What more could a girl ask for?

Nancy: Gosh, I don't know! He sounds like a wonderful guy. I know he's a big supporter of your creative work too, helping you turn it into a business. Right?

Maria: We struggled for many years with finances and jobs, having to start over a few times with nothing but what we could pack in our car. We are finally at good jobs where we have been for five years now. While they are good jobs, we would still like to work for ourselves. So since I have more hobbies than I can count (Gardening, Graphics, sewing, knitting, crochet, beadin2011-02-11/nap/a088a5g, cooking, herbology, Feng Shui, making bath and body stuff and so on) we decided to create a website.

My husband has always called me Babe so we created The Babe Shop Cubit. It’s just getting going, but I am catering to both sides of the coin. I will post some recipes to teach you how to make your own, and if you aren’t crafty I sell the products as well. Babe also translates into Bath and Body Essentials, so it seemed the perfect name. Our bath bombs and bath salts have recently been published at Favecrafts. Once I get it settled in, I have plans of possibly starting a bead/jewelry shop as well. We sell the products through Cubits as well as Etsy and Artfire. We are on Facebook too. Right now we are trying to get into a house as well as keep new products and articles coming into our shop. We have been quite busy lately, but it’s a lot of fun!

I also have a lot of fun here on cubits. I recently got my wonderful and full piggy box from the Piggy swap that Starlight1153 set up. I work with my wonderful friend Mekos doing different contests at our cubits there and Wildflowers (another wonderful friend) has a contest going with some of my candles for the prize at her Poetry cubit. There are so many wonderful people here, too many to count.

I do love to garden and grow things. I guess you could say I specialize in Carnivorous plants which are a constant learning process. I am also learning about hydroponics. I hope to have lots of yummy tomatoes and strawberries this summer, among others.

My husband and I both quit smoking three years ago and we are quite proud of each other for that. We used Chantix and it was almost too easy. We are still trying to get rid of the weight gain that came along with it though, lol!

We don’t have kids…on purpose. We are more dog people than people people. To be totally honest with myself, I came to the realization I liked children as babies but had no patience or desire for older children. (I seem to be the same way with cats.) We had two precious babies (pups) that have both passed away a while back. We miss them terribly but we don’t have the time to spend with another one just yet. It wouldn’t be fair to them or us, only having a few hours a day to spend with them. So once we are able to stay home and just work on The Babe Shop we can get another pup or two. Tiffany was the smartest dog we have ever had and would even bu2011-02-11/nap/6c650cy things at the store with me; Jenny was the sneaky smart one. She would go stare at Tiffany until she went and brought the treats container to Mom, LOL!

My husband and I are really very quiet people and tend to keep to ourselves. When work is done, we prefer to hang at home together. We have another couple here that we go see at their place and sometimes we take the bikes out. When I say bike I mean the Harley. I love that bike and my hubby looks so good on it. It's loud, fast, mean and shiny.

Lets see, what else…oh in common Astrology I am a Scorpio and my husband is a Gemini. (The “three” of us have a blast! lol) In Asian Astrology I am a Rat and he is a Snake. It doesn’t sounds like a good combo but works out very well. I actually find the Asian astrology signs to be VERY accurate in their descriptions of the signs. Here you can see what you are. It's fun to see how close it is. 

Nancy: I'm a dog. Wow.

Maria: Cool, you are a loyal friend. 

Nancy: Well, what an interesting life! But I'm afraid I have quite a few questions for you. For one thing, what about the ex-girlfriend? Did you and he go there? Sorry to be nosy, but it's like watching a movie and someone comes along and clicks fast-forward.

Maria: He made a phone call and it was over. I'm not sure what all was said.

Nancy: What line of work, other than The Babe Shop, are 2011-02-11/nap/6796f0you in?

Maria: Been doing call center work. Right now I handle Quality for the company and its contracts. My husband works right upstairs and he runs a Tier 2 helpdesk. He is such a smart cookie.

Nancy: Can you tell me about some of your other hobbies?

Maria: OK, well, I like to bead. I make anything from jewelry to 3D french beaded flowers and boxes. Its a bit tedious but I love how they look when done. I hope to start a shop with some of these once The Babe Shop is settled in more. Here is a link to Google pics of some wonderful beaded flowers. 

I have always loved Carnivorous plants but could never keep them alive. Then I was given a couple of plants in swaps and I was researching on the internet on how to keep them alive. There is a lot of conflicting and incorrect info out there on them. The best place I found with some awesome info is an ebook from  It's this one.  They also have free care sheets there, but the ebook tells you so much more!

Then Mekos and Seray did a bog contest. Soooo, I went to Walmart and got me a sweater box and filled it2011-02-11/nap/b14a3a with a mix of peat and sphagnum moss and soaked it in. Then they were sending me the most wonderful plants! It was a lot of fun. I still have a lot of seeds I need to get down so we can share babies this summer, but with trying to get into a house its complicated right now. 

I am still learning about hydroponics. This one is a bit more complicated to find good info on, online. The reason I want to grow foods hydroponically is I get tired of the things that are ending up in our foods. I have gone to the USDA site and signed up to get their recall alerts for foods and medical stuff. Trust me, CNN does not announce every recall and I usually know a couple days ahead of them what is being recalled. A lot of bad stuff is in spinach, cilantro, lettuce etc...Listeria is only foun2011-02-11/nap/be112dd in pigs, yet somehow its ending up in my fish and cilantro. So I need to take control of at least some of our foods. Hydroponics is a great way to grow foods especially in a small space. I got a book that our local hydroponics shop recommended, but it only touches on hydroponics in general, not 'this is how you grow tomatoes and cucumbers' and such. Sooo, I have to experiment, and moving is holding that up. Here is a link to FAQs for anyone who wants to know more about Hydroponics.

I got a whole mess of seeds to play with in the Piggy swap but if I plant them now its going to get messy moving them. I do have a blog that I am starting where I will be posting any info I come up with along with my experiments and such. 

Nancy: How did you ever get interested in making your own Bath and Body products?

Maria: That is a long story. I started reading some books on the food we eat and learned about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our foods. We ate organic for many years until we learned that most of the brands that were "organic" were owned by the companies selling GMO foods. So we eat regular foods now and regret having been lied to and wasting so much money on them. Anyway it occurred to me that it wasn't just what we were eating but what we were using on our skin and such as well. I mean even these "wholesome" food stores have skin care products with Propylene Glycol and SLS in them (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  Have you looked at the MSDS for these? Also if something is labeled as soap (per the FDA) they don't have to tell you everything that's in it. And if they have a secret ingredient they can leave that out too. Lets see what else. Oh, when they say hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals (per the FDA) these mean nothing and are just good selling ploys. So you have to be very careful in what you buy and who you trust. I don't know how these things are permitted in our skin care pro2011-02-11/nap/eaa0a3ducts but I was on a mission to make our own. We went out and bought some books on the basics, but a lot was learned online. I have a couple recipes up and will be posting more on my blog. A lot of it is pretty easy to do. The cold process soaps and candles can get a bit scary because of the heat and the lye. but if safety precautions are followed you will be just fine.

Nancy: How is business, and have you any products that you would consider “best buys?”

Maria: Well we have just got it up and going in November, so it's slow, very slow. Most of our sales are local right now. We have had a couple of sales through Cubits. People are still recovering from their holidays. We try to make everything a “best buy,” but our Black Bamboo charcoal pillar seems to be my best seller here locally. It has Black Bamboo charcoal in it and helps detoxify the air in your home when you burn it. We don't use any paraffin in our candles. Right now they are all palm except the massage candle which is soy, and we will have more soy candles on the way. That massage candle by the way is not just for massages. You can use it on yourself after enjoying a candle lit bath with it as a moisturizer, and it also makes an awesome cuticle and heel moisturizer as well. Our Black Bamboo soap is similar to the candle. It also has Black Bamboo charcoal in it as well and will help to detoxify your skin. It helps with acne and all sorts of skin issues. None of our soaps contain SLS, Propylene Glycol, etc... We still don't have all our products up. We will be adding bath salts, bath bombs, hopefully lip balms and other fun stuff too. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that the Cucalyptus scent we have is our own original creation, thanks to suggestions discussed in my cubit's2011-02-11/nap/107e5d forums.

Nancy: And finally, tell me what it is about riding the Harley that makes you so happy. Besides the good looking guy you ride with, I mean!

Maria: It so matches our personalities and people tend to either be very nice and friendly to us or they get out of our way! It's nice for relaxing and enjoying the weather and scenery, and yes, even on the Harley...quiet time! On our trip to Colorado we had to stop and get me a headset to listen to. I was so relaxed I was falling asleep on the back....not good! LOL!!

Nancy: Maria, it's been delightful getting to know you! I'll bet our readers will agree. You have an outgoing, friendly personality and I'll bet you make friends very easily. Thanks so much for the chat!

Please feel free to leave a comment for Maria, and do click on her photos to see them larger. You can see her products by visiting The Babe Shop here at Cubits, or her other website, 

See you again next week!

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