Roving Reporters: What Makes You Happiest?

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on June 6, 2011

Well, folks, it's another one of those nights when our usual spotlight article has to take a little detour. You know how it is in summer, gardens and vacations and guests are calling us away from our computers. Nancy had a wonderful idea, a unique way to fill our Spotlight on days when our friends might be too busy. So tonight I took a little trip around Cubit land, and this is what I learned...

I put on my Roving Reporter hat and thought for awhile about one single question that would be good to ask everyone I saw. Nancy had suggested using this one: At the end of the day, what makes you happiest?  What a great question, I thought; it could be fun or serious and might create an interesting article. So I grabbed it and ran with it, all over Cubits.

Lucky for me, you all were kind enough to give me some answers. And lucky for you, I'll share them! I added photos where there was space, some you might recognize and some might be new to you. In every instance, I had a really good time. I hope you do, too.



Hemophobic (Angie):  (You might not know that Angie has just been awarded permanent custody of her 3 year old great granddaughter, Alexis, a most beautiful little girl.)  "Getting Alexis settled and ready for bed, reading her a story and knowing she's safe and well cared for."

Angie, I so admire what you are doing with Alexis, I know every day with her will be a blessing to both of you.


Trisha_S:  "Knowing that my family is safe and that we have been given another day. Knowing that we have a home and food and PurrBabies to keep us smiling. We live pay check to pay check with not much extra, no savings, no insurance, but what we have is so m2011-06-05/Sharran/956d76uch more than many have. "Things" are not what matters."


PollyK:  "Family and true friends."


Kareoke (Doris):  "What makes me happy is knowing my friends in Cubits are safe, they are my extended family and very important to me, I need to know they are safe."


Dutchlady1 (Hetty):  "There are many things that make me happy but the best feeling is to have made a positive difference in someone's life that day."


jeri11:  "There are many things that make me happy at the end of the day.
1) A job well done in the garden
2) Some charitable deed
3) Anything chocolate
4)Snuggling with the grands just after a bath and they smell absolutely2011-06-05/Sharran/825255 scrumptious

Chocolate!!! Oh yes, good for the soul, Jeri!


taters55 (Linda):  "Knowing all my family is safe and sound, and have a home for shelter and safety. That they have a job to support the family. Knowing all my online friends are safe from all the terrible storms going through the country.
Also knowing that I have God with me always makes me very happy!"


wren (Sandy):  "That is the cuddle time with my big boy and if I am lucky I will get my feet licked by his warm tongue. rofl For those who do not know, my big boy is Andre my dog. He has a strange knack for pin pointing a sore spot in my body and tries to lick it well. I talked to an Acupuncturist and he told me that the places Andre targets a2011-06-05/Sharran/a9cc7ere acupuncture hot spots. The inside of my wrist, back of my knees and now with my Bursitis and tendonitis in my ankles, he goes for my feet. He will lick for minutes on end the inside of my wrist and it is strange but very, very relaxing."

Tina_A:  "My answer is to sit outside with my husband at dusk, watching the sunset with him. That means he hasn't made me mad that day. lol"


critterologist (Jill):  "It's not a general "at the end of the day" thing, but I'm glowing right now remembering my favorite moment today... I was out working in the garden; Jim and Joyanna were on the deck (or so I thought), then I looked up to see Joyanna hurrying across the yard, pink hoe in one hand, little pink shovel in the other... "Mommy! I help! I coming!"

She did help, too. We dug 3 holes together, she put in the "sprinkles" (moisture crystals and fertilizer pellets) and helped me pat dirt around the plants.
2011-06-05/Sharran/f09e57 Earlier, I had taught her to "tickle" and gently pull the roots apart on the potbound little pansies we were planting... When I knocked the first perennial out of its pot and plopped it into its hole, she said "No! No!" I asked what was wrong, and she said "Tickle!" It took me a moment to realize she was telling me I'd forgotten to tickle the roots before planting. LOL"


Daylily (Juli): "When I really think about it, I don't think happiness is the right emotion for how I feel about my dog, Josie. She is my mobility assistance dog. She does many tasks for me, from picking up things I drop, helping me put on and take of clothing to laying beside me keeping me company. I am grateful to have her. We are a great team and we are very connected. My life is not as limited as it would be without her. At the end of every day, I am so grateful for Josie, who is always there to help me every step of the way."


Dahlianut:   "What makes me happiest at the end of the day? 

I have scrinched my brain trying to answer this question and it’s tres difficile cuz many different things make me happy every day and every day is different. It might be the robins bobbing on the telephone line asking me to water the gardens or the first bumbler I see in the spring. It might be my tru luv’s face when he laughs at me cuz I’m covered in dirt from mucking about in the garden or the crazy ole cat telling me a very important story in catspeak. A well written book; a dahlia bloom; a kidling racin
2011-06-05/Sharran/78d4cdg me for the ice cream truck. You see? There are too many things.

But as I scrunched about all these things I suddenly realized (picture big light bulb going on over my head) that it wasn’t the things themselves that make me the happiest; it’s sharing the joy of these happy things with others that makes me happiest at the end of the day. So TAAA DAAA! my answer is:

Sharing the joy of happy things with others smily"


Elena:  "It makes me happy to know that another day has passed and all my family is safe and sound at home in their beds and that none of them are ill or suffering from some terrible difficulty. If I know all is well with my hubby, my chicks and grandchicks, this mother hen can sleep peacefully through the night."


AKFishergal (Ava):  "At the end of the day what I enjoy the most is sitting down with kitty and watching my birds.

I also enjoy logging on to Cubits to look at all the beautiful flower photos and read up on all the Blue Garden threads."

Muddymitts (Mary Ann):  "Well, of course, the people I love must be well and at least OK, if not happy. If that isn't the case, then nothing else is going to make me happy.

But presuming that all is well with the people that I care about, then -- at the end of the day I'm happy if I had the time and energy to do my work. During the summer, that means taking care of the outside of my home -- yard, gardens, etc. During the winter, that means taking care of the inside of my home -- painting woodwork (ongoing project), wall-papering or painting (whichever is needed), making a comforter for the bed, etc. The end result must be that something has been improved from its condition at the beginning of the day.

But that doesn't really make me happy -- it makes me content. I just realized that there's a difference.

Happy would be the result of having had time to do something extra -- something that I particularly love -- that isn't required work. Something like making a piece of jewelry, riding a horse, learning a new song on my Native American flute -- something creative. Reading a book is satisfying, and that makes me happy too, but doing something that I love -- something creative -- is what makes my heart light. And a light heart is a happy heart, I think."

Vic:  "If I made someone smile or said or did something that touched their heart, then I'm happy." smily


boojum (Kathy):  "It's internal. I just get this wave of happiness about how wondrous it is to be part of this extraordinary physical world."

cececoogan (Cherie):  "Being with my husband..........looking out at the back gardens........and my granddaughters laughter."

2011-06-05/Sharran/7f030firisarian (Lucy):  "During the gardening season: a full bloom of irises & progress on the weeds."

merigold (Maridell):  "When I snuggle down in bed at night feeling content and gets no better."

mamajack (Barb):  "Seeing my kids smile and seeing them happy with the way life is treating them."

AlohaHoya (Carol):  "Falling into a bed of clean sheets showered and lotioned." biggrin

threegardeners (Lee Anne):  "Jeez Sharon, that's a HARD question!

It changes depending on the day. There isn't really one good answer to that. 
Although, at the very end of every day, when I crawl into never fails to make me immensely happy when my girls (dogs) paw the blanket to crawl under and snuggle under my c
2011-06-05/Sharran/9e751fhin. I wrap my arm around them and fall into a peaceful sleep.

Before that, knowing that everybody in the household is happy and that I've done everything in my power to make them happy, makes me happy."

LarryR:  "That I've achieved all the goals I set for myself that day. But even more important, that I am well and loved."

Aguane: (Susie) "I seek peace in my garden. I love to take off my bra, sit in a cushioned chair with a few pecans, a cold glass of ZD Chardonnay, barefoot and watch my garden get ready for sleep, watch the birds settle in the trees, and with my Lexie at my feet. I like to add a little quiet jazz but most times the sounds of the garden settle me, too.

P.S.- you can leave the part about the bra out if you like!"

Oh no, Susie, I love every word of your answer!!2011-06-05/Sharran/d666cb


Trish:  "The simple things. A beautiful sunset. A glass of wine. A breeze on the porch. A grin from the baby. Child kisses blown as the door closes for the night with choruses of "sleep sweet" and "I love you" floating down the hall. Cows mooing in the pasture, crickets chirping. Time with Dave and soft pillows."


Lance:  "What makes me happiest, that is a tough one, as many things can make me feel quite good, while I can't think of any one thing as being the best: having a fun day with Skye, of course; completing an especially difficult, necessary, or extended task; building or making something that turns out well; shared camaraderie and appreciation as being a friend, recognition of doing something well. Those are things that come to mind right now, at least, and I can't really rank them as they all produce good feelings. I suppose the best would be having a good day with Skye." 


Nap (Nancy):  "When my day is done, I am most satisfied when I know I have done something good for someone....When I have helped someone get through their own day....When I do something for someone that they can't do for themseleves. It's all about Love.

I guess that is why I spend so much time in Nursing Homes. I have a heart for older people. They were all vital, young, thriving people, and now their bodies and their minds won't let them function anymore. My favorite senior citizen asks me everyday what she can do for me! Imagine that? She can't even do for herself. So every day I try to make her feel important and tell her I love her. And even if I do nothing else that day, I have given her what every person craves - to know that they matter to someone. 

Lots of things make me happy, but that is what really satisfies me. What makes you the happiest, Sharon?"


Ahhh, Nap, so many, many things make me happy. It's the breeze whispering through my hair and the sun warming my face as I wait for my daylilies to bloom. It's watching the bluebird learning to fly. It's remembering those who raised me, those who told me there's a reason for everything, just look for it. It's the smile on the face of the check out girl in the grocery when I asked how she was.

It's the calls from my children, "Just checkin' in, Mom." And from my grandson, "Love you, Nana." It's the note from my best friend at the end of the day. It's the picture that I painted and the words that I wrote, knowing that I'm truly blessed.

It's watching the leaves unfurl on the new canna that came from a far away friend. It's the touch of a little paw on my knee, and the purrs that I hear when she leaps into my lap. It's the memory of sledding down the snow covered mountain when I was a teen. It's the thought of all the hands I hold and those that hold mine. It's looking in a mirror and still smiling. It's the pillow that I dream on.

It's chocolate, it's blueberries, it's dancing in the rain, it's everything, Nap! It's friendships all over the world. But most of all, it's knowing I love and that I'm loved in return.

We'll see you all again next week. Thank you so much for joining us.


(P.S. If you click on the screen names, you'll be taken to each person's home page. If you click on the photos, they'll enlarge. If you scroll over the photos, you'll see who belongs to them. And if you'd like to share what makes you happiest at the end of the day, then tell us in the comments, please. We'd love to hear from you.)

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