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Image Spotlight: Mickey Oswald (meickle2003)
By Brenda Essig on October 31, 2011

This week I am delighted to bring into the Spotlight a lady whose friendly and outgoing nature shines through in her posts in the forums. Interviewing Mickey was a treat. I found her to be everything I had expected her to be and so much more.

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Oct 30, 2011 8:02 PM CST
Name: Nancy
Buffalo NY
Mickey, we have had quite a few guests to this cubit who have been truly an inspiration. I think your interview would have to be right up there at the top! I am very impressed by your life!

Thank you so very much for your story! And thanks to Zany for a very wise choice!

Group hug
Oct 30, 2011 10:05 PM CST
Name: Dorothy (LaVonne) Mitchell
Somerset, KY

What a wonderful life you have shared with us. I am so glad that Zany introduced you to all of us. Its a pleasure meeting you, Mickey.

Another Nurse

Tahlmorra lujhala mei wiccan
(The fate of a man rests always within the hands of the gods)
Oct 31, 2011 1:49 AM CST
Name: Brenda
Dolores, Colorado
Mickey, you are a wonderful and inspiring person! Congratulations on all your accomplishments, including taking good care of you! I have not seen you in the forums I frequent, where do you 'hang out'? Thanks for sharing with us... and I love your kitties!
Oct 31, 2011 3:25 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
Mickey Hurray! Hurray!

What a wonderful story and love all the pictures Hurray!

All your furbabies are so sweet Lovey dubby Lovey dubby

We used to chat and have lost touch. I'm so glad you "see" you again!

You look absolutely gorgeous!

I'm so happy you've lost all your weight and that life is joyful!

Bless you dear friend...

Brenda, thank you for this wonderful article! GREAT job!
NATIONAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION Purslane & Portulaca ~ Garden Art
Oct 31, 2011 4:57 AM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you all for taking time to read about me. It was truly a delight to be interviewed! Thank you Brenda for the opportunity, you did a wonderfu job!

Nap I am humbled by your words. Thank you!

LaVonne nice to meet you as well! Smiling

bsavage I hang out in the Healthy Lifeslyle and Support Cubit and Playpen of Graphics Cubit, Photos forum. Thank you for your kind comments!

Vic so great to see you again! I have missed you! BLess you as well my friend!
Oct 31, 2011 5:48 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
Mickey, I'm not finding the Healthy Lifestyle and Support cubit *Blush* *Blush*

Can you link me there?


Group hug
NATIONAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION Purslane & Portulaca ~ Garden Art
Oct 31, 2011 9:27 AM CST
Name: Barb Jenkins
Hillsborough, NH
Wonderful interview Mickey and Brenda. What a fascinating life you have led. A dear friend of mine has also gone through gastric bypass and is doing so well. I'm very proud of anyone who has the will power needed to do it. It is not an easy procedure and is truly a lifetime committment. Kudos to you.....
Oct 31, 2011 11:48 AM CST
Name: Brenda Essig
Rio Dell, CA
Lovey dubby Mickey made my job easy!
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Zany's Playpen
Oct 31, 2011 11:51 AM CST
Name: Donna Yates
Happy Jack, AZ - Zone 5a
Mickey, what a great story of your interesting life. I am so glad to meet you and wish you and your hubby a wonderful, fulfilling life in the years ahead. How great it is for you keep yourself so busy, you certainly deserve the very best. Lovey dubby
Oct 31, 2011 6:25 PM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
Hi Vic here you go: this should get you there. I look forward to seeing you there.

Barb thank you for your kind words and encouragement!! Tell your dear friend to keep up the good work.

Donna thank you for your kind words as well!!
Oct 31, 2011 8:40 PM CST
Name: Nancy
Buffalo NY
That might be a private forum, Mickey. It goes right to the homepage for me.
Nov 1, 2011 5:12 AM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
You know I think your right, Nancy, I will have to check with our moderator. She can send you an invitation, isnt that how it works if it is closed?
Nov 1, 2011 6:44 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
As for me, that's ok Mickey, it's all I can do to keep up with the Cubits I belong to and the forums I read and moderate at ATP.

Sometimes I feel like I'm on social networking overload Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

At least I know I can track you down through this article, which I'm still in awe of Hurray! Thumbs up
NATIONAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION Purslane & Portulaca ~ Garden Art
Nov 1, 2011 5:38 PM CST
Name: Becky Capps
Phoenix, AZ 85022
finding joy one day at a time!
Mickey, what a great story! Thanks to Brenda for the spotlight!

It was great seeing you over on HS this morning...and I am so proud of your weight loss! Lovey dubby
Nov 1, 2011 8:45 PM CST
Name: Renée
Northern KY
I love reading about people who work so hard to improve their health, as I need the inspiration to do so. Thanks for sharing your story, Mickey, and thanks for the great interview, Brenda.
Nov 2, 2011 6:43 AM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you Becky!

Thank you too Renee!

The Lord has richly blessed me!
Nov 2, 2011 6:50 AM CST
Name: Maridell
Sioux City IA
enjoy the moment
I agree with the rest of the folks, inspiring! Smiling
Nov 2, 2011 6:57 AM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you Maridell!!
Nov 3, 2011 10:24 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
Be yourself, you can be no one else
It's nice to meet you, Mickey. Congratulations on the huge weight loss! You've added many years to your life and have been an encouragement to others. I appreciate your Christian testimony as well since I am also a born again believer.
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
More ramblings at
Nov 3, 2011 4:27 PM CST
Name: Mickey Oswald
Chillicothe, IL
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you Mary! Very nice to meet you too!

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