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Aug 16, 2011 11:27 AM CST
Name: Bonnie
A very small town in Virginia
Sharon this was a great article! LOVED the story of the '58 Chevy Impala!

I wanted a Camaro from the time they came out in 1967, but my Dad talked me out of it, and I have to admit, he was right. He said that they were overpowered in the front, and underweight in the back, and that, living in the hills of western Pennsylvania, not being able to get to work, was not a good way to start a career. Well, when I graduated from college in 1969, I bought, with his blessing, a 1969 Chevelle Malibu, Butternut Yellow with a black vinyl top, 307, automatic (not GM's best offering in the engine department but I got lucky with mine). I loved that car and wish I still had it. That car took me anywhere I wanted to go, and I swore that when I put studded snow tires on it, (legal then), it would climb trees. It never failed to get me to the ski area! My first husband and I drove it everywhere. It came out of an accident in one piece, survived my father-in-law blowing up the engine (in his late eighties) - we just put another one in there, and finally, the body fell apart, a victim of the winter salt of the area. (Rustproofing barely even slowed it down!).

Somehow, though, that Camaro was still in the back of my mind. In 1990, I moved to Coastal southeastern Virginia. In 1992, my Mercury Sable lost its brakes on the way home from work. I discovered when it was in the shop, that the rotor and the webbing had parted company, from rust and corrosion. The mechanic asked if the car had been driven up north. Yeah, two years in the middle of "crud central"! I concluded that if this was happening, there must be other things rusting away, and that it was time for a new car. I started to look at my usual "front-wheel drive/four-wheel drive, heavy...HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! I don't drive in that stuff any more! I can get my Camaro!" So, I went to the local Chevy dealer, and there she was, she who would be named "Carmella", bright metallic teal, V8, five-speed manual, 1992 Camaro, 25th Anniversary Edition, just waiting for me. Carmella and I were inseparable for 14 years. Then, when it became clear that the things of youth were starting to fight back (it literally became a pain to get in and out of her), I sold her to a young man down the street who had been wanting to buy her for two years. She's still there, because his Dad won't let him sell her. :smily:
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