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Jan 31, 2012 8:04 PM CST
Name: Nancy
Buffalo NY
Frank (herbie43) Cmailed me today. He said, "Remind me someday to tell you about my honeymoon in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vegas. It's an even funnier story than the skiing one. LOL."

So I thought I should add it to this article. I asked his permission and he agreed.

He wrote.....

"For our honeymoon, Deb and I decided to take a trip to California and Las Vegas. We were going to spend 3 days in San Francisco, 3 days in LA and a week in Las Vegas.

As soon as we unpacked, I realized I had forgotten to pack my pants belt so off we went to find a belt. As you know the streets in the city are more like hills so you can imagine what I looked like trying to keep my pants up while looking for a store. After the fourth store I guessed that I might be the only fat guy in the city, because the biggest size I found was like a 32 and I needed more like a 46. I finally found my size in a Neiman Marcus department store, but it was right next to a caged, real tiger, which I found very unusual. It was the most fascinating store I have ever been in.

We decided to hit one of the Chinese restaurants in the Chinese district and here is where I found that these authentic Chinese restaurants do not have the same food as the Chinese restaurants I am used to. To begin with, there is no fried rice and their soups were not what we were used to. I got brave and ordered shark fin soup, which is considered a delicacy. All I know is that by the time we got back to the hotel I was sick as a dog, and this was OUR HONEY MOON NIGHT. I laugh at it now, but Deb wasn't too happy about it. LOL

After riding the trolly cars and shopping we went to dinner at Joe DiMaggio's famous restaurant on Fishermans Wharf. I ordred my favorite, linquini and crab sauce, and Deb ordered stuffed sole. Now Deb has a habit of ordering something and then, after the first bite, she decides that she doesn't like it, so we always switch plates. We have been doing this for years, but I really wanted my crab sauce. We didn't stay for dessert because Deb said I owed her something. LOL

You have to remember that we were married in 1968 and I had a good job on Wall Street and I made good money, so I never had a credit card. I paid cash for everything, inlcuding my first car. When we got to LA, the first thing we did was rent a car so we could visit with her family, and the clerk asked for my credit card. I told him I will pay cash. He told me they don't take cash, but only credit cards. Deb did not have a credit card at the time so for 35 minutes we were going back and forth as to why cash is not good enough. Finally, he accepted my cash but I had to give him an extra $300 just in case I don't come back. I get on the highway and I am gong about 65 miles an hour in the middle lane and cars are blowing their horns at me like crazy. Just then a motorcycle cop pulls up along side of me and signals me to go faster!

By the time I get to her aunt's house the car is full of dust and I am told that it comes from the sky and I immediately start looking for a mask to wear over my mouth. LOL

Our trip to the San Diego Zoo was another memory filled trip. First of all, it must have cost about $60.00 to get in, and this was 1968. Second, there seems to be no sewers in all of California because the Zoo is on one hill after another. After one hour of walking up and down these hills we decided we had had enough. It wasn't until we left that we found we could board a people-mover like bus to get around.

After San Francisco and LA, Las Vegas was a quiet week.

While we were waiting in the lounge in Las Vegas to go home, I noticed that a woman was stopping each person and asking them questions and they all shook their heads no. I told Deb that she probably lost something but when she got to us, she asked if we had seen her children. At that point I knew she was not playing with a full deck. Any way, we were at 35,000 feet and here was this same woman walking around the plane asking for her children and then she tried to open the door to the outside. She ended up being tied to her seat and I ended up watching her for the rest of the plane ride. Because of her, Deb and I no longer fly.

Thats it."

Thanks a million for sharing that, Frank. I hope Deb knows you did it~

Big Grin

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