'Smoked Grill-BQ'

By Arlene Marshall (TwinLakesChef) on April 19, 2010

This is a cooking method that we have been doing for years but never could find a name for it. So I have coined a new cooking method term-"Smoked Grill-BQ" A big Thank-You to AlwaysWeeding for coming up with the term.

Submerge Untreated cedar shingle in the water; let it soak about one hour.

 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/b1c61e 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/b3ffdf  2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/89f304                                                                  Assemble the ingredients. 

  Mix the salt, pepper, & mustard. Brush top of the fillets with a little butter; then sprinkle both sides with the mustard mixture.

 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/506a11You can use any method of cooking you wish; if you choose to use the broiler on your oven, preheat the broiler. Place the shingles under the hot broiler 4 to 5 inches from the heat source for 3 minutes until browned on one side. Carefully remove the shingles from the broiler.

Immediately lay 2 fillets on the hot browned side of each shingle. Return the shingles to the broiler and cook the fish for about 5 minutes. Remove the shingles from the broiler and lift the salmon from them, or serve the fish on the shingles.   2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/d8a001

We chose to use our gas-powered grill; turned it on high to burn off any grease & food from previous use-scraped it down with a wire brush.  We took the cedar shingle out of the water and patted it dry.  The salmon was placed on the shingle-skin side down and it was ready for the grill.


Cider-Vinegar Sauce 

Place the shallot, apple, and vinegar in a  pan  & cook over high heat for 2-3 minutes until reduced by two-thirds. Add stock; cook for 2 to 3  minutes until reduced by half.

Stir the cornstarch into the cream until it dissolves. It will be very thick and you may want to use a whisk or a small blender to mix 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/4ef18ait well.  Cornstarch dissolves  in water easily but not so easily in heavy cream.  If you are mindful of fat you COULD substitute Half & Half or milk but if you do that, do it the First time you try this.  Why do we say that?  Because when you taste it with the heavy cream . . you'll never want to change it. Add the cream to the pan, & simmer  3-4 minutes.  Add the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. Strain through a fine  sieve & serve.   

         Here is the Sauce.2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/7f623a 

Remember we had the grill on high to burn it  off?  Now we turn it to low and put the shingle & salmon on the rack.  Put the lid down and walk away.  Have a glass of wine.  It took about 20 minutes to be flaky and still moist.  If in a hurry leave the grill on high and it will be cooked in about 5 minutes and the ends of the shingles will be flaming - impressive to your guests. 

Below-ready to come off the grill.

 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/6ac49f 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/e2f762

    Picture to the Right shows a covered a baking sheet with foil-turned upside down.  That way the flaming shingle can be transfered to a base for serving.




. . . and you all know how we love to tweak food! Using the low temperature didn't make it very colorful, but we were feeling lazy last night after a very busy week-end.  What to do? We sifted some brown sugar over2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/7d3b87 the top and got out a favorite tool.

A very cool torch that we rarely use.  We carmelized the brown sugar and gave it a pretty color.


Serving is slick; skin sticks to the cedar shingle-plate it & add the sauce. 

 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/dc8ab9 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/a64fdf 2010-04-19/TwinLakesChef/9f7978

Prepared on a 21 year-old grill that needs replacing.


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Cedar Planked Salmon with Cider Vinegar Sauce

When I serve this it has my husband kissing the hem of my skirt.

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