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Anchovy Bread, contributed by herbie43
Image Cinnamon Rolls, contributed by RetSgt
Cream Filled Doughnuts, contributed by Mindy03
Image Crunchy Whole-Wheat Bread, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Crusty Walnut Pesto Bread, contributed by gypsiegirl
Dark / Wheat Bread, contributed by grannyof8
Einstein Brothers Bagel Clone, contributed by gypsiegirl
English Muffin Bread, contributed by LakesideCallas
Ham And Swiss Loaf, contributed by Mindy03
Herbed Sour Cream Bread, contributed by grannyof8
Homemade Bread Bowls, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Image Honey Glazed Bunny Rolls, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Image Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, contributed by Twin Lakes Chef
Rustic Tomato Rosemary Bread with Carmelized Onions, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Sour Dough Yeast Starter, contributed by gypsiegirl
Swedish Rye Bread - 2 loaves, contributed by grannyof8
Wjole Wheat Bread, contributed by gypsiegirl