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Bennigans Baked Monte Cristo Sandwich, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Chicken Cutlets And Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich, contributed by herbie43
Chili Turkey Wraps, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Doggie on a Stick, contributed by grannyof8
Image Ham & Cheddar in a Loaf, contributed by jelynn01
Ham and Swiss Melts, contributed by Dea O'Hopp
hot sausage sub, contributed by herbie43
Lima Bean Sandwich, contributed by Dea
Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger, contributed by gypsiegirl
My DH's Kind of Sandwich, contributed by grannyof8
Non sloppy Sloppy Joe, contributed by mzmary
Image Pizza Sloppy Joes, contributed by grannyof8
Roast Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Pecan Mayonnaise, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Stromboli, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Savory Ham Wraps, contributed by Mindy03
Image Sloppy Joe Biscuits, contributed by grannyof8
Steakhouse Sliders and Mini Steak Fries, contributed by gypsiegirl
Sweet-Hot Thai Burgers, contributed by gypsiegirl
Tioli's Crazy Burger, contributed by Dea
Image Toasted bread, contributed by Zanymuse
Image Toasted Turkey & Brie Sandwiches, contributed by RetSarge
Tuna Fish Patties, contributed by gypsiegirl
Image Turkey Burgers Asian Style, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Turkey Enchiladas with Red Chili Sauce, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Turkey Roll-Ups, contributed by TwinLakesChef