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Image Baked Beans, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies, contributed by plantladylin/Lin
Image Beef Chili, contributed by 1AnjL
Image Best Ever Corn Bread, contributed by 1AnjL
Black-eyed pea and collard greens soup with smoked sausage, contributed by Herbie43
bread, mozzerella and anchovies, contributed by herbie43
Image Cabbage Rolls (An Adaptation), contributed by TwinLakesChef
Chicken and Rice SOUPREME, contributed by Zanymuse
ChiliMac, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Image Corned Beef with Cabbage, contributed by TwinLakesChef
Image Cottage Pie, contributed by threegardeners
Country Peach-Blackberry Pie, contributed by 1AnjL
Death By Chocolate, contributed by plantladylin/Lin
Image Grizzly Bear Breakfast (Dutch Oven Style), contributed by The Sarge
Indian Fry Bread, contributed by grannyof8
Janet's Scalloped Mushrooms, contributed by imapigeon (Janet)
Mixed Meatloaf, contributed by 1AnjL
Mock Danish; Low Carb, contributed by tcs1366
Image Mom's Stuffed Bell Peppers, contributed by Lavonne
Image Oohey Gooey Bluey Mac 'n Cheese, contributed by Dea O'Hopp
Pasta E' Fagioli (Pasta & Bean Soup), contributed by TwinLakesChef
Image Simple Apple Pie, contributed by 1AnjL
Street-Style Corn on the Cob, contributed by Herbie43
This is a test for Dea, contributed by Arlene Signed in as LuvnIris