YumYum Divas: Household & Cooking Tips From an Old Church Cookbook

Came across these when going through my mother's recipes and thought you would find some tips useful and others humorous-TLC

For a tender pie crust add a few drops of vinegar to water used. 

Run the knife through a lemon before cutting onions and your eyes won't water. 

Meringue will not fall if a little cornstarch is beaten into the egg whites along with the powdered sugar. 

Add handful soda to water in which you scald chicken for easy removal of pin—feathers. 

If cistern water beoomes old and odorly or smelly lower a sack of charcoal into cistern. 

Add salt when stewing fruit. Requires less sugar. If a pie runs over in the oven, sprinkle the juice with salt and it won't smoke. 

To whiten piano keys, wash them with alcohol. 

White marks on furniture may be removed with turpentine or kerosene.

To warm up a roast and give it the original fresh flavor, cover the top with lettuce leaves when warming. 

When making apple salad, cut apples into dressing and keep them covered. Then they will not turn dark. 

When washing greasy dishes and pans, add a few drops of ammonia to the water. This cuts grease. 

To shrink a piece of material and set the color, make a solution of 4 gal. water and a pt salt. Soak the material for at least an hr. 

To sharpen scissors, snip through fine sandpaper several times. 

Chewing gum on material may be removed by chilling the bank side of the material with ice. 

Mildew Remover - 1/2 c vinegar, 1/2 bleach, 2 qt. water. Soak article in it.

A pinch of soda stirred into milk that is to be boiled will keep it from curdling. 

To separate glasses - To separate two tumblers which have stuck together, fill the inside glass with cold water and set the outer 1 in warm water. The cold water contracts the inner glass. The warm water expands the outer one, and they are easily separated. 

To protect wall - Brass headed tacks driven part way into the lower corners of a picture frame will keep the frame from touching the wall and leaving a dirty line when the picture is removed. 

To remove blood stain from clothing soak in solution of 1 c water to 1 t ammonia, depending on amount needed. 

Any cleaning fluid will remove marks left on skin by adhesive tape. 

Orange and lemon juice does not produce a distinct flavor in baked goods, but grated zest of either does.

 A lemon drop candy in a cup of tea gives  a delightful flavor. 

A paste of vinegar and salt will remove stains on brass. Rinse off with a good sudsing.

When painting woodwork, coat the door knobs, looks, etc. with vaseline. Then if the paint splashes it is easily rubbed off. 

When peeling onions put a crust of bread held in the -- mouth with the end projecting. Stops tears. . . . Paints quite a picture.

For rich devil's food cake, dissolve the cocoa in hot coffee. 

To clean a sponge, let it soak for several hrs. in cold water to whioh a generous quantity of ammonia has been added. Rinse in tepid water, dry in open air. 

To clean hair brushes, rinse thoroughly in cold water to which a generous amount of ammonia has been added. Dry in open air (not a hot place). 

The meat of a pecan nut rubbed into a bad scratch on highly polished furniture will cover the marks. Polish afterward with furniture polish. 

To give a fern a rich green color, put a teaspoon of ammonia added to 1 qt. water, and water the fern with this solution. 

1 heaping T soda in water when scalding chicken helps remove pin-feathers. 

A teaspoonful of vinegar added to the water in which eggs are poached keeps the whites from spreading and makes the whites cook over the yolk. 

To make meat tender, put in a strong vinegar water for a few minutes. 

Add 1 tsp soda to cranberries while cooking them and they will not require much sugar.

Grate a raw potato and add to your soup when you put too much salt in it. The potato absorbs the salt.

When whipping cream, stick the egg beater through waxed paper covering bowl.

To avoid lumps in mixing thickening, try this method:  Get a glass jar with a good fitting cover, put the water in first and then add your flour. Tighten cover and shake. 

A few small pieces of macaroni, placed upright in your pie will keep the pie from running over into your oven.

In putting away white summer things, linens or bridal gowns, etc., wrap in blue tissue paper or a well-blued cloth. This will prevent them from turning yellow. 

An ordinary paper plate, glued to the bottom of the paint can is much more convenient that spreading newspapers which must be moved every time the can is shifted.

Most vegetable flavors are improved by adding a tiny bit of sugar along with the seasonings. 

To darn tablecloths or even overalls put embroidery hoops around hole. Remove pressure foot from sewing machine and sew back and forth and across until it is mended. 

When making jam, rub the bottom of the kettle with butter. This prevents sticking and helps to make the jam clearer. 

Add a tablespoon of salt to your starch water; your clothes will iron easier. 

When mixing cold shortening with electric mixer, heat mixer blades in hot water for a few minutes. This prevents the clogging of blades.

To eliminate cooking odors when cooking fish, simmer 1/2 c vinegar in a pant' on stove where fish is cooking or in oven where it is baking. 

To keep sandwiches from drying out, seal the edges of the wax paper with a hot iron. Get your irons out, ladies and gents![color] 

When you buy new dresses and shirts, paint the thread where the buttons are sewed on with clear fingernail polish and it will save sewing on buttons so soon.

If paint or enamel has been opened and has formed lumps, take an old snagged nylon hose and strain it through the hose.

Meat loaf will not stick to its pan if you place a strip or two of bacon at the bottom of the pan before packing the meat mixture in.

When boiling eggs, add a tablespoon or two of salt to the water. This loosens the shell and they come off easily.

When frying fish, salt bottom of skillet, then the fish will not stick.

Bread crumbs added to scrambled eggs not only improve the flavor, but make larger servings.

Try putting a paper sack in your waste basket before filling. Makes it fast and easy to empty. This is before the invention of tall kitchen trash bags.

Wax candles burn longer if chilled thoroughly in refrigerator before lighting. 

When in a hurry for clean hose, wash as usual, then lay on bath towel, fold over and roll up. Unroll, shake out, and your hose are nearly dry. Just a few minutes completes the job.  

To keep eggs from cracking when boiling them, dip first in cold water instead of putting them dry into cooking water.

Fire --Fire--if kerosene should catch fire, never throw water on it. Use milk instead.Does anyone even have kerosene around these days?!

Have trouble separating ground beef when you're browning it? Just get out potato masher and tramp it and the job is done.

Mock Frosting: No frosting is needed if you sprinkle lots of powdered sugar on top of cake be­fore putting in oven to bake.

When making pie crust, make enough dough for several extra crusts. Roll out and put in pie tins as if to bake, then stack in your refrigerator, placing waxed paper between each pie tin. When you want a fresh pie during the week, the crust is all ready for you. Just take out and bake.Do you bake pies all week long?  I certainly don't.

Did you ever pop popcorn in your pressure cooker? Leave steam vent open so steam can escape. Try it--it's delicious.

Wash rice and place in pressure cooker with proper amount of water and salt. Cook for 5 min. at l5# pressure and take off stove. Add seasoning and serve.

When stamps have stuck together, they can be separ­ated by putting a piece of paper over them and running a hot iron over it. Guess we wouldn't use this tip these days!

When pinning costume jewelry on clothing hold a piece of felt beneath fabric. Run pin through this added thickness and you will save your favorite garments from damaging pin marks.

If grease spills over onto stove and starts burning, -­throw a handful of common salt over it.

To make seven minute jello, pour the usual cup of hot water over jello. Add 5 or 6 ice cubes (depending on size) in place of the cup of cold water and add fruit. Set in refrigerator. 

Place silverware in aluminum pan and pour the potato water from boiled potatoes over it. Cover with tight lid and let set for awhile. Then wash and scald. You'll be amazed at the results.

Spiced whipped cream is delicious on apple pie, apple betty, baked custard, and many other desserts. To make it, just add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and, cloves along with the sugar and vanilla you usually use to flavor the cream.

To keep green onions for several days, stand them in a covered quart jar with the root ends down; place in refrigerator.

To keep plastic curtains soft, wash them in mild thick suds and rinse well. For the final rinse add 3 t glycerine to enough tepid water to immerse curtains completely. Dip up and down several times, then squeeze out excess water. Hang up to dry, smooth out wrinkles and straighten out edges.

If slamming the door makes you nervous or annoys some sick person in the house, just take a flat piece of an old inner tube and cut two round holes in it. Slip one over door knob on one side of the door, then around and over the knob on the other side and there you have it.

To remove ink stains from colored fabrics, mix dry mustard in a thick paste; spread over the spots and let stand 24 hours. Then sponge with cold water.

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