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Feb 7, 2010 10:34 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
I love Soup! I live in Florida and it doesn’t matter how hot it is, I always make Soup. The other day I was craving some Chicken soup and I decided to open a can of that Campbells Select – you know the one advertised on TV where the woman can identify where all the ingredients came from…herbs from Smiths farm, potatoes grown on the east side of a mountain blah, blah, blah! It was just the worst thing I’ve tasted lately and threw it out! (at least the chicken variety!) I have to say though, Progresso makes a decent canned soup!

My Mom always made chicken soup using an old hen and boiling it all day…and it was wonderful. However old hens are hard to find these days and I usually use whatever chicken is on sale that week – usually thigh and leg quarters.

I was fortunate enough to visit Sicily many years ago and met a woman who made the best chicken stock I’ve ever tasted. She was also nice enough to share her technique…

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Sicilian Chicken Broth

In this case, I took about 4 cups of the broth, added a diced up onion, a sliced up stalk of celery and a large peeled sliced carrot…cooked it for about 15 more minutes, added a handful of egg noodles, cooked another 15 minutes and poured it over Matza Balls (from a mix)…OH MY!!!!

It tastes like "health soup" haha


Thumbnail by Katg

Feb 7, 2010 11:19 PM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
I have been so busy on here I am embarassed to say DH opened a can of Progress Chicken Soup tonight. I am going to make this for him.
Yum Yum Divas ~ ~ "Most recipes are not invention . . . but evolutions"
Feb 7, 2010 11:24 PM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
Ummm . . think I need a little more instruction. Just add celery, onion, carrot and some noodles to the broth. What is a matza ball made of? It looks pretty in your picture.
Yum Yum Divas ~ ~ "Most recipes are not invention . . . but evolutions"
Feb 7, 2010 11:34 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
I buy a premix in the ethnic section of the grocery store - Usually in the Kosher section. It's made out of Matza Meal and you add some oil and egg. Mix it all up and let it sit for about 1/2 hour then form the balls. Boil them and let them float to the top of the water. Then put them into the soup.

I only make them every so often...most of the time, I just use regular veggies and noodles.

Thumbnail by Katg

Feb 7, 2010 11:39 PM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
Great to know
Yum Yum Divas ~ ~ "Most recipes are not invention . . . but evolutions"
Feb 12, 2010 5:32 PM CST
Name: Mary
south west WA. state
Kat, I must take issue w/ you; old hens are not hard to find! Take me, for example . . . .
Feb 12, 2010 6:46 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
Hahahaha! Me too Mary! I was really referring to the "Fowl" type...but then again I can be pretty Fowl at times! Rolling my eyes.
Feb 13, 2010 5:09 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
Here's a variation using the Chicken broth above! I suppose some would call this "Scotch Broth" but making it with Chicken broth instead of Lamb. There's just something about barley in a soup...that just makes it so comforting and creamy and mmmmmmm. I made this the other night with the leftover chicken broth I had.

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Scotch Broth-A Variation

We had this with Canadian Peameal Bacon and Tomato sandwiches! Heaven!

Thumbnail by Katg

Feb 13, 2010 5:14 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
This sandwich was too good! They sell something called Canadian Bacon in the grocery stores here...but it's nothing like the real thing!

This is called Peameal bacon - it is cured and then rolled in cornmeal. It has a salty and unusual flavor that I can't even compare with anything. You just fry it lightly and it goes so good with tomatoes. I buy a couple batches a year from a company in Michigan and freeze it. It very tender and lower in fat also.

Thumbnail by Katg

Feb 14, 2010 2:33 PM CST
Name: Dea O'Hopp
Frederick, MD
PVC Pipe is a Cook's friend
If you have the link for that company - give it up!!
Feb 15, 2010 7:47 PM CST
Name: Gita
Baltimore, MD

Glad i just read your Chicken Stock recipe--as I am about to do a huge pot with it tomorrow...
I cannot relate to 6qts. or 8 qts. of water. When i make any soup or stock--I am talking about 3/4 pot-full of a 21 Qt. stock pot----SO--about 3 gallons.....
I don't like "piddling" around with small quantities--might as well make a lot while i am at it. Then I freeze it in baggies (lay them flat for easier thawing) for any future use.
The other day, I made a huge pot-full of Meat (Beef) stock. I used the recipe from the Old farmer's Almanac.
It turned out rich and dark brown (browned all the bones and veggies in the oven) and it is now in my freezer.

I got everything ready to go tonight. Got a whole cooking chicken and then went to my local farm store (they grow their own chickens) and bought 6 Chicken backs....Cut up oodles of Celery and carrots and also 2 fat Parsnips.
Almost 1/2 a head of garlic and half a bunch of fresh parsley.
I would like to add some fresh Rosemary too--but my Rosemary plant is buried under 3 feet of snow--I can't get to it....:o(
I will cook it to death tomorrow. A nice, fragrant way to spend the day.

You seem like an awesome cook! My kind of cooking!

Thanks, Gita
Feb 15, 2010 10:26 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
Gita - I'm like you. If you're going to make it, you may as well make it big! If you're going to strain out your stock, leave the skins of the onions on. It just gives it a really nice color. I also cut across the large bones with a knife or cleaver. All that nice marrow gets out and adds more flavor and color.

Your kitchen is going to smell awesome tomorrow!

Feb 15, 2010 10:29 PM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
I have been told that putting just one teaspoon of vinegar into the stockpot helps pull the calcium out of the bones and into the broth.
Yum Yum Divas ~ ~ "Most recipes are not invention . . . but evolutions"
Feb 16, 2010 7:27 PM CST
Name: Franklin Troiso
Rutland MA
Zone 6b
i sometimes freeze my stocks in ice cube trays then when they are frozen throw them into zip lock bags for when you just need a little bit to enhance the flavor of something.

Beautiful Souls like Frank leave lasting memories in the hearts of those he touched .
Feb 16, 2010 7:51 PM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
gREAT idea
Yum Yum Divas ~ ~ "Most recipes are not invention . . . but evolutions"

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