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Jul 18, 2010 3:29 PM CST
Name: Franklin Troiso
Rutland MA
Zone 6b
thats the problem arlene. the picture itself is so big that i cannot even scan in into my computer.

after speaking with deb i think she just wants to leave everything the way it is

you have probably already see tnhis but i want to show you what sharron brown from the writers and words cubit wrote about deb and the book


There are lots of things I do very well. I can paint, decorate, sew, grow flowers, write a word or two, but I am a rotten cook. Really rotten. You wouldn't know that by looking at my children, but they'll be the first to tell you that cooking is not my strongest talent. I do admire those who cook well, and I truly do enjoy eating wonderful foods, but I just can't cook. However, I know someone who can! Not only that, but SHE JUST PUBLISHED A COOKBOOK...

On a website several years ago, I happened across a kind gentleman who was near my age. He lived in New York and we frequented many of the same chat threads. I got to know him through his words, and his words were always about his family. He talked often about his wife and sons and the special dinners his wife prepared for their family gatherings. He also shared photos of the dinners.

Photos of food usually make me hungry. I can see a tomato all dressed up in a dollop of creamy sauce, a sprinkle of cheese, a touch of basil, set up on a bed of spring greens, with perhaps a toasted bagel at hand...See! It doesn't take much for me.

Frank's words combined with his photos would make the whole world hungry! My little description of that tomato is nothing compared to the photos Frank showed us. What I didn't know was that his very charming wife, Debbie, was recreating recipes from her past. I also didn't know that her past included growing up in an Italian family. I love Italian food, especially if it is presented in such a way that every dish is as beautiful as a most gorgeous painting. Frank's photos convinced me that those dinners could very well have been created by a Master.

Over the years Frank continued to mention his wife's cooking, and I got hungrier and hungrier. I thought at one point that I might just have to fly to New York and pay them a visit, but as it happened, fate intervened. Debbie has published her own cookbook and now we have an opportunity to create for ourselves those very deliciously beautiful and tasty recipes.

Recently I asked Debbie how she became such an enticing gourmet cook, and this is what she told me...

***Like in any Italian family, my mother ruled the kitchen, and never was this more evident than during the holidays. I loved sitting at the table while my mom prepared the Christmas meal. To me she was like a tornado passing through the apartment.

There were pots and pans everywhere, waiting to take the place of the pots and pans already on the stove. The table was overflowing with food waiting to get mixed or popped into the oven. Every space in the kitchen held the beginnings of something delicious, or trays of goodies wrapped up for later. It wasn't until our parents passed on and my siblings and I began talking of the good old days that I realized I could never remember my mom with a cookbook in front of her. To me her cooking always came from her heart. It is for this reason I have named my book Cooking from the Heart, in honor of my mother. I thank her for filling my heart with these great memories and recipes.

I love to cook for family and friends, and some of our best times come from my having made too much for dinner and calling my friends to come over. Then there we are, all sitting at the table having the best time...

Frank and I have been married for 41 years and have two terrific sons, Frank and Christopher, my daughter in law Danielle, and a tiny blessed addition to our family coming in September. Can life get any better then this?

Frank has always been by my side, whether it's chopping onions or doing the dishes as I'm preparing for a party. Often he comes home from work and takes over the typing for me to give me a break.

I have always talked of writing a cookbook with much encourgement from family and friends. One day Danielle sent me a clipping for self publishing. We did some research and picked iUniverse. The rest is history. It took me 19 months to complete the cookbook but much of that time was spent waiting for the publisher to do his part. It was a challenge, a wonderful journey, and the wildest ride of my life, all in one.

I took many classes at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and served as a cook for the priest of my parish, St. Columba's in Hopewell Junction. That experience proved helpful to me as well.***

So now the cookbook is finished, and since I have been following their journey, I know for Deb and Frank it was a very long 19 months. It was long for me too, because I could hardly wait to try those wonderful recipes.

It won't be long now; the book is ready, and Deb assures me that if we follow these easy instructions, we'll be able to order it:

***To purchase the book go here to insure getting the newest version. Type either the name of the book: Cooking from the Heart, or just type my last name, Troiso, in the search and it will pop up.***

Go to Deb's website for gift ideas, wonderful photos, and an interesting array of kitchen news and views. Plan to spend hours there, it's that good!

Isn't it fun to see a dream come true? The best part is that we'll be able to enjoy Debbie's delicious recipes right in our own kitchens. Maybe soon I'll become a cook after all. At my age, one can only hope.

Debbie, thank you so much for sharing information with us. I wish you much luck in the success of your book and I wish our readers many meals of delightful cuisine. If you would like to chat with Debbie and Frank, you are welcome to use the threads following this article.


i was gong to c-mail a few of my firends that have cubits but i don't want to seem like i am being pushy. LOL

weeds did have a quickie on her cubit about the book bieng published and that she bought a copy.

it's been a hot one today and i am glad i am in a/c right now

Beautiful Souls like Frank leave lasting memories in the hearts of those he touched .

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