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Five years have flown by since the beginning of my personal lifestyle reorganization, which is ongoing. Yes, that seems like an unusually long time. I was working toward my goal all that time, but I wasn't truly dedicated - yo-yo syndrome: I'd exercise one week, use a starvation diet the next week, drink Margaritas the next week, rest up the next week. Sound familiar?

AB represents abdominal(s) and 3 = body, mind & spirit. If one's ABs are shaped up, the body, mind & spirit will follow the course. The purpose of this Cubit is to aid individuals in the quest for fitness & good health, step by step, economically, and at home. Discussion & support, outside one's family & nearby friends, is helpful - rehab, if you will - without a price tag & always open & available online.

Please join us & share your fitness, health & lifestyle interests & needs.

(AB³ = Body Mind Spirit is dedicated to Nanah & Gramps. Their spirits guide me.)

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AB³ = Body Mind Spirit
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AB³ = Body Mind Spirit

Reality Cubit: A common sense approach to reclaim one's body, mind & spirit, in order to strengthen & maintain physical & emotional well being.

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