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Mar 14, 2010 8:37 PM CST
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Nice to have you here, ButterflyC! I have a cuz that does 6 meals & has lost lbs & she exercises. A light breakfast & filling meal in the mid to late afternoon does it for me, I do munch on healthy snacks, Quaker minis, seeds, white chocolate peanut butter, raw veggies, sometimes dip, Kettlecorn, already popped, popcorn, and other low cal treats, as I find them. Eating my mid afternoon meal out helps me too, I get more variety, I have to be out anyway.

Shine, I identify with the fabric obsession & since I've been de-cluttering, I've gathered all the fabric to one place, I'm using more of what I have, rather than buying more. That's a good thing. Gathering up, and keeping all of collections I'm keeping his helpful too, and way more interesting than having a few here & there. Hey, I found several stashes of stamps - yip, I'm a stamp collector.

My Hub has been exercising longer than I have, he walks twice a day, 4-8 miles, and exercises, yet still has too much tummy. The only difference in our activity is that he exercises more than I do, and continues to eat some fast food/gravy/bread/pizza. So, I'm thinking that many, like myself, have to exercise & cut calories drastically, which was the only way I could improved my abs, and, gulp, in order to maintain it, I don't get time off from exercise & I simply cannot have that occasional can of condensed milk, or wine, or fried chicken, or Krispy Kream, or a pan of buttermilk fudge. I do hope that eating correctly, to maintain my weight & health, has become an addiction!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive attitudes are sincerely appreciated.
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