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Mar 14, 2010 10:04 PM CST
Name: Zuzu
Northern California
zone 9
Oh, Sherry -- Are you talking about sweetened condensed milk, like Eagle Brand (my favorite thing on earth)? When I was a child, we lived near an ice cream factory. There was a fire there and all of the ice cream melted. The stuff at the bottom of the vats was the most delicious thing imaginable. The factory owner gave my mother several big containers of it because he knew she had three children. Years later, I tasted Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk and it brought it all back. That's exactly what the ice cream tasted like after it had been through a fire. I refrigerate the can and then eat it with a spoon.

Darn it, Sunshine, you reminded me of something else I have to do: Get my tax records in order. All last year I kept throwing things in a box instead of filing them away in the proper places. Now I have to file all of them at once and find all of the tax-relevant papers.

NancyAnn, you bring up a very good point: "Things don't hurt you; people do." I would bet that's part of the psyche of most collectors of things or animals. Sherry, I think you pointed out that these things are hereditary as well. I have a combination of these motives. My mother collected things, but many of them were stupid things -- rubber bands, paper bags, plastic bags, styrofoam meat trays, fruitcake cans, etc. She also was a compulsive buyer. I remember one time when she was moving to a new home and the movers asked her just how many sets of sheets she owned that had never even been opened (there were hundreds). She told them she couldn't resist saving money and bought them whenever they went on sale. One of the movers politely but pointedly informed her that she had just lost all of the money she'd saved by having to pay the movers to transport all of those huge boxes filled with sheets (not to mention the huge boxes filled with paper bags!) from one house to another.

So I have the hereditary thing, but with a major difference. In contrast to most people, I always despised my mother. She was a thoroughly horrible human being and I never wanted to be like her in any way. As a result, every rubber band or styrofoam tray I come across goes straight into the garbage. I like to think I'm collecting desirable objects rather than practical ones.

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