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Mar 15, 2010 8:33 AM CST
Name: NancyAnn
Jonesboro Ark
Sherry, is your hubby under some stress--at work, financially, healthwise or is something else bothering him? Does he get enough sleep (8-9 hrs nightly)? According to the doctor, belly fat is a sign of some form of stress. When we're stressed in any way, we retain belly fat. So if the rest of his body is pretty firm and the belly is the issue, it could be he's producing too many stress hormones that grow the "omentum"--the belly fat.

I can see where collecting would could be hereditary--or rather a "learned" habit. My mom is a hoarder. She'll save ANYTHING! She has canned foods that expired many years ago. She had bottles of OTC drugs that had long expired. When she goes to the hospital for some treatment, I go thru her cabinets and get rid of these expired items which could potentially harm her. She has a room 1/4 full of empty boxes and Christmas wrap from all the presents she's been given in the last few years. She NEVER gives gifts, so why she clings to things, I don't know, but she won't let anyone touch them. She collects salt shakers, baby dolls, toys, etc. (She doesn't even have any grandchildren or great grandchildren young enough for the dolls and toys.)

My mother also has no friends and never goes to visit anyone. Her life has been guarding her "things" for as long as I can remember.

I have been a collector too, for as long as I can remember. I too like to believe that I collect desirable objects. But in reassessing my collections, I've come to find that so many of them just take up unnecessary space and time. I also don't want to be like my mother; I want to have friends and family. I want to be outgoing and sociable. I want to have dinner parties and I want people to feel comfortable hanging out at my house. I want my focus to be more on people and less on things.

So now, much of my things must have a REAL purpose. For instance, for decor, I use unique photo frames that match the decor of my room. My living room has a nautical theme, so I've found seashell and lighthouse picture frames and I display family photos in them. I only have 3 or 4 of them, not a collection of 20 as I would have done in the past. Instead of buying a bunch of pictures and wall decor, I paint my own paintings.

With books, I keep them for as long as I am using them. My scrapbook and gardening books are currently reference resources. As I learn the info, I give up the books. Entertainment books are read once or twice and then passed on to someone else. I no longer hoard books.

When I buy hobby supplies, I do stock up a bit. But when I change hobbies, I sell all the old hobby supplies to buy new hobby supplies. I've learned that with most hobbies, I don't return to them once I start a new one. Scrapbooking, gardening, and painting are the only hobbies I do consistently. Others were phases.

I regularly re-evaluate all my stuff. If I don't use something often enough, I get rid of it. Often it's easier to go buy a new one IF I should ever need it again. So many items have, in the past, just sat in a cabinet or closet for years, unused and forgotten. No more.

I also complete those "DIY" projects that I have hoarded materials for. So I've been able to clear out a lot of room in my storage room this winter by installing items I bought for a remodelling project. And some items I realized I'd never get around to using, so I listed those on Craigslist. So now there's no reminder of an unfinished project.

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