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Mar 1, 2010 3:53 PM CST
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My personality is addictive, filled with highs & lows, often set off by my addictions - the most difficult being food/drink/cigarettes/clutter, which might be a result of other combined addictions. With an addictive personality such as mine, I can overnight acquire a new addiction. So, self help is for me because I want to do things the cheapest, fastest, easiest way & for me, that meant at home.

It took me several years to reason through & sort out my life & face the reality, that I couldn't have even one glass of wine, because when I did, I would eat everything on the table, whether I liked it or not. Another difficult blow was when I realized that exercise alone wouldn't do it.

As I was going through the difficulties of facing myself in the mirror of life, I discovered that I'm a bionafied clutterer. This was another serious blow for me; hey, I'm reasonably neat & tidy. After watching the TV show Hoarders, I learned that I'm fortunate, my clutter was clean & organized, nevertheless it was/is clutter & is a work in progress.

Cluttering is not something I've researched, & I do not fully understand it, or know why I have the addiction but my only sibling has it too, although our folks did not. What I do know is that it's a strong addiction & was very difficult to break, for me. I'd be interested in your thoughts as to the causes/cures, etc.

This I know: Managing my weight was not successful until I faced the cluttering addiction & dealt with it. Do you think cluttering might be the result of other combined addictions?? I have an open mind, please share your thoughts.

What I'd like is to inspire discussion, which might lead us to healthier lives, with more fun & less stress.

Positive attitudes are sincerely appreciated.
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