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Arid Lands Greenhouses Sells species of Adenium, Euphorbia, Monadenium, Pachypodium, Haworthia, Aloe, Gasteria, Dorstenia, Pelargonium, Fouquieria, Avonia, Uncarina, Anacampseros, Commiphora, Agave, Sansevieria, cucurbits, asclepiads, pachycaul trees, mesembs, and selected bulbs.
Durham Botanicals Offering a diverse selection of some of the Finest Adeniums (Desert Roses) in the world. While specializing in Adeniums (Desert Roses) our inventory also includes many rare, and hard to find, Sansevieria, Aroids, Orchids, and Succulents. Durham Botanicals offers a fine selection of unique plants that are ideally suited for succulent bonsai as well.
Snowbelt Adeniums Growers and sellers of fresh Adenium seed and young Adenium seedlings. We offer a wide selection of Adenium hybrids (mostly Thai) and many species including a number of Pachypodiums and other plants.
Mr. Ko Mr Ko's nursery, listing Adenium, Euphorbia and other species of plants.
Amaryllis/Hippeastrum cubit This cubit will be for sharing information and pictures of our wonderful Amaryllis.Ask your questions here.
Also contains link to valuable resource information.
Brugmansia cubit This cubit is for the friendly discussion Brugmansia,or as they are more commonly known,Angel's Trumpets.Emphasis will be on photos and help between members.Those new to brugs post your questions here.
Also contains links to valuable resource information.
Tropica Nursery Mr Hansoti's information on growing Adenium.
Very helpful information on how to take care of your Adenium.

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This cubit is for the exchange of photos and information about our "fat plants".It is mainly for Adeniums but if you have other plants with interesting caudices post them too.

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