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Mar 2, 2010 11:48 AM CST
Name: Gwen
Langley WA
What are your favorite Aga cooking pans? Having never purchased any pots and pans during my life (used hand-me-downs, garage and thrift shop pots), after we got our Aga, I decided to splurge and get some nice pots and pans. We had limited kitchen storage to begin with and then gave up a big chunk to make room for our Aga, so I needed to maximize every inch of space I could. Therefore, the recessed lids of the Aga pots and pans really appealed to me.

I ordered from Small Island Trader. (See link on the right.) They will from time to time offer free shipping to the U.S. and their prices are less than anything you'd find in the U.S. (Even with the shipping costs, their prices were still less!) So I went ahead and ordered from Small Island, and I can honestly say I LOVE my pots and pans. I mostly got the ones without the single long handle as the ones with the 2 small side handles fit more easily inside the ovens (and inside the fridge) and both types can be used on top on in the ovens.

Then I bought a pot stand and they all sit on there stacked with their lids on. So easy to grab one and also put them away. The pots themselves are wonderful to use (especially compared to the flimsy things I had been using all my life!) and they wash up like a dream.

Even if I didn't have an Aga, I would love these pans. I don't know why other manufacturers haven't made the recessed lids. They are just so wonderful and practical.

The other Aga products I really love are the 2 round pads I put on top of the hobs to protect them from scratches and the long double oven mitt. I'm on my second oven mitt and it's in tatters. Aga discontinued the first style I had, which I loved, and so I had to make do with a different style and even that one I have a hard time finding. My husband prefers to use the normal type of potholder, but I love the double one where it's all one connected piece. It hangs over the rail on the front of the Aga and I often just grab one end and use that with one hand while the other end stays draped over the rail. It's very easy and handy to grab one end and use it to open the RO door. Sometimes that door is too hot for my hands; other times I'm okay with no mitt. I guess it depends on how sensitive my hands are!

For people wondering about cookware in general, if it fits into the Aga, you can use it. I still use my Pyrex dishes all the time and any ceramic casserole dishes and pie plates I have. I have one Le Creuset lidded oval casserole type pot that I bought for no knead bread. I wanted to be able to bake it on my bbq (we have a Big Green Egg, which does a great job of smoking, grilling and baking), and when I used my old white casserole dish on the BGE, it started turning black. So I bought a black Le Creuset pot at one of the outlet stores and I have to say, I do like it a lot. If it had a recessed handle on the lid, I would love it.
Mar 2, 2010 2:48 PM CST
Hi Gwen

We also have a hodge-podge of hand-me-down and goodwill pots and pans, many of which I am very fond of. I am hoping that many will work all right on the aga. When we moved to this house we were forced to learn to cook on an electric stove, and so we stopped using many of our favorite pots which turned out to be slightly warped and did not make good contact with the electric coil element.

My favorite cooking pots are my lodge items. I have three frying pans, all are beautifully seasoned and used daily. I also have a big dutch oven, a small dutch oven, a deep frying kettle (can you deep fry on the boiling plate? I am worried about that, although we dont fry often), and some other odds and ends. When we re-do the kitchen, we will lose some cabinet space so I may purge some of the cookware, and it might make sense to buy a couple of pieces of the aga-ware. We'll see.
Mar 3, 2010 10:58 AM CST
Name: Gwen
Langley WA
The important thing for stove-top cooking on the Aga is that it must be that stuff that has a perfectly flat bottom. All my old stuff was not that to begin with and then over time was warped, had dimples, you name it. Very thing type stuff.

The Lodge, while not the really flat stuff, should be okay. I know it works great on the Big Green Egg! I use my cast iron 'frying pan' on the Aga.

If the cookware is not perfectly flat, it won't heat up as fast and when you have one of the hobs open, especially the BP, you lose heat fast. For boiling water (or oil), a flat bottom is a must. You can heat up the water/oil in the SO first, if you plan ahead, and then it should come to a boil a lot faster.

Your dutch ovens will be great for strews and soups simmered in the SO. There's nothing like a well-season cast iron pan!

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