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Image Guidelines For Purchasing Brugmansia Seed
By Liz Fichtl on June 8, 2010

Beware of the word "rare". One of the most satisfying aspects of growing Brugmansia is growing them from seed. Compared to many other plants, Brugmansia has a relatively fast turnover rate. Plant a seed, and you have a flowering plant within 12 - 18 months. That's pretty fast when you consider something akin to an amaryllis bulb takes three years from seed to flower.

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Image Brugmansia "Sam"
By Liz Fichtl on June 9, 2010

When I first started looking for a Brugmansia that had traits I wanted to pass on to a new cultivar I had in mind, Brugmansia "Sam" wasn't high on my list. It had a tendency to produce flowers that never opened fully, rotted without blooming if it was above 80 degrees and grew so slowly I thought I'd be sitting on a long, grey beard before it got to bush size. On the plus side, the flower color was superb - a nice smoldery raspberry color with a brownish cast, it threw triples frequently, didn't lose buds, made fat seed laden pods and it's leaves were thick and green.

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A Little Bit Of Paradise

I have a leafy refuge where big things happen in a small way. We grow and hybridize Brugmansia, Passiflora, Amaryllis and a host of other tropical plants and flowering vines. We also enjoy art, writing, music, creating video presentations and woodworking.

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