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I have been growing hoyas, and selling plants, for a number of years and in order to have more time for myself, I am selling off my stock. My collection will continue because I love hoyas....but I will not manage a full on nursery. When/if I have plants to sell, I will post them in the Marketplace forum.

Thanks for looking!!!

Image Interview With Ted Green
By Carol Noel on June 29, 2010

I have deep affection and admiration for Ted Green and his wife, Dorothy. I know Ted to be honest, forthright, understanding, forgiving and looking at life with a great deal of wit and understanding.

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Aloha Hoya

I have been collecting, studying and selling hoyas for about 10 years. This Cubit is about growing hoyas, and about the hoyas I have to sell. I welcome any and all hoya lovers, whether you want to buy or not. Hooked on Hoyas is another great Hoya sight

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