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Do you have a small garden? Maybe you live in a windswept or cold region where most standard flowers just don't work. Maybe you are gardening on what seems bedrock! Or maybe you live in a condo with just a balcony for gardening. If any of these situations describe your growing area then growing alpine plants might be the ideal solution. These small-stature plants are ideal for rocky, poor soils or open windy situations. Their natural small size is ideal for today's postage-stamp gardens. Many are ideal for stone pots or troughs where their exquisite beauty can be appreciated up close and personal. Hailing from mountainous areas around the world, the diversity of alpine plants is endless!

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Alpine/Rock Gardening

A cubit for gardeners who grow alpine plants, whether in rock gardens, alpine troughs or pots

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Useful Links:

North American Rock Garden Society - a wealth of information on alpines, image galleries, plant of the month

Alpine Garden Society - this site will keep you up to date on goings-on in the European alpine world

Scottish Rock Garden Club - another great site for alpine information